Race Recap: Ocean to Sound Relay 2019

50 miles.

8 runners.

1 support vehicle (…okay we had 2).

The Ocean to Sound Relay travels from the south shore of Long Island starting at Jones Beach and winding to the north shore in Oyster Bay. This may have been the most fun I’ve ever had running a road race! While running traditional races with friends is fun, we were able to spend the whole day together and cheer each other on! I have some amazing runner friends – you’d never know that half these ladies just met on race morning 💜 My team was able to spend the whole day together in and out of the car, cheering on our runners and blasting music from my Jeep.

There are a few simple rules… and at the same time there really aren’t any rules 🤣

1. Runners can only run 1 leg for their team (but they can run a different leg for another team, too)

2. Runners must know their route! The course is open to cars and *most* of the turns are marked (more on this later 😂).

3. Your team must transport each runner to the transition points. You must also provide support for your team aka plenty of water and snacks 💦

4. You may substitute a runner if needed as long as they are added to the team roster before their leg starts.

Once I had a team of badass ladies assembled to conquer this relay, we needed a game plan. I assigned legs to each runner and used their estimated paces to figure out transition times and our total time. Packet pickup was quick and seamless at Runner’s Edge in Farmingdale. Each runner needs their bib and our support vehicle needed directions on where to go! Unfortunately, with 3 days before the race, Pam took a tumble while running and was unable to run [she’s doing okay though 💜] Thankfully Rule #4 allows us to substitute a runner and Kat joined the team! I packed the car with a case of water, bagels, pretzels, bananas, granola bars, and beers for as we each finished 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

With two start times, 7am or 8am, there are runners cruising all day long. My team, Fast Friends ⚡️, opted for the earlier start based on our projected finish so we met bright and early at Jones Beach for the start. The gun went off right at 7 and Kim M. kicked off the race. We hopped in the car to follow along the race route with water, music, and plenty of high fives 🙌🏻

While I could recap the whole race … I didn’t run the whole thing. I had 7 amazingly supportive and incredibly strong friends who conquered 50 miles together! 🙌🏻 I asked each of them to share their experience and what to expect for each leg of the relay.

Leg 1: The one that starts along the ocean.

Leg 1 has a really comfortable start – not hectic or stressful and it started right on time. The sunrise was at its peak over Jones Beach and the air was perfect. Once you get off of the beach boardwalk and onto the road, you see all of the support vehicles and have great crowd encouragement. I was lucky to see my team twice for some high fives. Heading north on the Wantagh Parkway, you run straight to the park where your teammates are waiting at the transition. Leg one is flat with great views! – Kim M.

Jones Beach at sunrise!

Leg 2: The one with all the traffic lights.

Take a quick loop through Cedar Creek before you head out along Merrick Rd towards Massapequa. The teams are still pretty close together here so we made friends along the way! Watch your step all along the sidewalk as it is an uneven death trap! Crossing Merrick Rd & Sunrise Hwy, there were cops directing traffic but be careful to only cross when it’s safe. You make a left and head straight to the transition in the Massapequa preserve. This leg was fast and flat which allowed me pick up the pace! -Louise

Start of Leg 2- Kim did her marathon training run all along the course with new friends every 6 miles!

Leg 3: The one where you know you’re not on the south shore anymore.

After watching 2 of my other fabulous teammates complete their legs, I was ready to do my part. It began in the flat shaded preserves but then went out into the streets where I knew I wasn’t on the south shore anymore. There was a slow incline that lasted for about a mile and half but was so lucky to have my beast of a teammate who turned her leg into a marathon training run (Go Kim M!🎉). I was completely grateful. Such an amazing day with an amazing group of ladies. – Kim S.

Running along the Bethpage golf course… hills are starting!

Leg 4: The one where the support vehicle gets lost.

After some changes to the course this year, leg 4 comes in just about 6 miles. [The support vehicles can generally follow the runners – but make sure you have the printed directions in case!] Starting flat until mile 3 where it takes you on a never ending incline until mile 4 where it flattened out again and you hope the last 1.8 will be easy peasy… approaching mile 5 begins a pretty steep incline (short lived) where you then have a decline that is seriously steep and hard to control your downhill speed on; (careful of that runner’s knee and IT band sensitivity here!) Then you turn the the corner and you’re done! The energy you feel being on a team and amount of support vehicles driving by with honks and water cups is truly awesome. The leg itself would have been lonely though without our girl Kim doing her long training run beside me! Put it on the calendar for next year! -Chelsea

Hanging out on the side of the course blasting 90’s hits

Leg 5: The one where the runner gets lost 😂

There were two brutal hills in my leg and the weather was great. However, I ended up running 8 miles instead of 6 because I got lost [back to the rules of this race… the turns were not all marked and several runners got lost during this leg] 😅 other than that little mix up (sorry team!) it was such a fun day. I got the opportunity to bond with women I never met before trekking across our beautiful home, Long Island 🌴 -Melanie

Right after Mel got lost then found and ran a few extra miles

Leg 6: The one where the road only goes uphill.

The first 2 miles I was going at a great pace for me, averaging about 9:50/mile. Then the hills started. They slowed me down quite a bit and I had to do some walking but, I did it! The girls were the best cheering squad. Some I had never met before and am so glad that I did! The day flew by, it was so much fun and so different from any race I had ever run- no mud, no obstacles, just running and the street. I can’t wait for next year! -Tree

Support vehicles cheering on our team and other runners!

Leg 7: The one with a reputation for being the toughest.

“I think I blacked out during my leg” … 😂 I started the 7th leg of the race around 1:00 PM, and it was pretty freakin hot out by then. Prior to my leg, I heard rumors of the difficulty the 7th leg provided due to the length and HILLS. Let me say, the leg lived up to its hype. The hills were brutal, but after the second mile, I made it through the worst and ran the rest along 25A in the shade. I was so happy to have the opportunity to challenge myself with my teammates cheering me on! (The beer and food at the end helped too!) -Mary Alice

Kim ran 22 miles – this girl deserves a beer!

Leg 8: The one where we cross the finish line!

Finishing up the last leg of the day was definitely a fun experience! You have been up since sunrise with your team, in and out of cars all day cheering on fellow runners and now running during the peak heat of the day. It was a hot, sweaty and for the most part a downhill/flat course to the finish. A big shoutout to my teammates for stopping to give me water on the course. The best part was knowing there was real food & beer in sight once you crossed the finish line and that we conquered 50 MILES together! -Kat

Hanging out in the transition area waiting for Mary Alice to finish Leg 7

Fast Friends had a blast running this relay! Once you cross the finish line, your team can head to the party at the end with unlimited drinks and food! There was music and awards being given out as well. The Spirit Stick is given to the team who beat exemplified the spirit of the relay. There were some great themes from Hawaiian shirts to Bob Marley and cows to Woodstock. If anything we learned that we’re going to need to step up our game if we want to win the Spirit Stick next year!

Post race party included beers, spiked seltzers, burgers, hot dogs & more!

Have you ever done Ocean to Sound?? Share your experience in the comments below!

Xo, Louise

Race Recap: Broad Street Run 2019

Can I please get a sunny race day? *But not too sunny… make sure there are a few clouds out… and not too hot, but I don’t wanna wear a jacket…

Race day weather is something completely out of your control, but despite the gloomy forecast, thousands of runners and spectators came out for Philadelphia’s Broad Street 10 Mile Run! This was my first adventure to Philly for a race weekend and what a way to celebrate with the 40th Anniversary of Broad St.

Race morning came and the weather was less than ideal, but at least it wasn’t down-pouring 😂 As a newbie to Broad St, I was relying on my veteran friend, Sarah, to help navigate the way to the starting line on race morning.

Staying locally in Philly, there were basically two options to get to the start: ride share or subway. The rain was not making things any better, but it seemed like chaos at the start 😬 My friends and I split an Uber with another runner and were dropped off very close to the start line. Closely following Sarah (and the crowds of runners donning ponchos) we figured out where to go. Because it is a point to point course, you’re gonna end up 10 miles away from the start. Broad Street offers a gear check however we skipped that and went straight for the corrals, also skipping the wildly long porta-potty lines. With about 40k runners, corrals are important, however it seemed like a free-for-all with people being herded anywhere despite their bib color- it was clear this was not the NYRR organization I’m spoiled by!

The gun had gone off for the start of the race at 8am and the first waves were gone. We had been ‘trapped’ within the gates of a corral (that I’m still not sure if it was the right one) and suddenly we were being pushed to the start and taking off. Even 2 miles into the race, it seemed like dozens of runners were still trying to get to the start… not sure if the trains or poor planning are at fault here.

The uniqueness of Broad Street lies in it’s straight course which literally heads south down Broad St. with one little blip where we scoot around the statue at mile 5.5 (side note: my Garmin did get a little confused among the city buildings here). The course is fast and flat, with some negligible ups and downs in the early miles. My goal was to run evenly paced miles, see how I felt towards the end and hopefully pick it up. Running alongside Sarah, we were cruising and getting excited as the statue in the city center came closer into view. We knew this was just passed the halfway point and the only turn along the course.

Despite the constant rain throughout the morning, Philadelphia came out to cheer on its runners; from DJs and cowbells to live music and megaphones the course was totally energized. My favorite was the Temple University band which brought me life and I would love if they could just follow me on all my runs!

I was forewarned about the “1/4 mile to finish line” sign so I wasn’t faked out as I approached it. Strong and steady, just like the rain on the pavement, we ran a great race and I did one of my better 10 mile times! The finish chute was a little crowded and definitely muddy, but runners were provided with water, bananas, and plenty of Philly soft pretzels.

There are so many vendors with giveaways and snacks in the finish line area. We didn’t walk around much due to weather, but plan for some time to explore and soak up your run victory! We had a quick photo opp and popsicles which seemed like a good idea until we were freezing… Also, be prepared to walk another 20 minutes out of the finish area- the nearby subway station is a bit of a trek but free for runners on race day!

Who’s done Broad Street before? Any good race day advice?? Share in the comments below 🤗



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Xo, Louise

2019 Boston Marathon: Spectator’s Edition

Let me start this by giving a shout out to the city of Boston- you are wild. Thank you.

As a New Yorker, we get excited about the NYC marathon each fall. However, you can go about your life without even knowing there is a marathon passing through 5 boroughs. When I arrived in Boston the Saturday before the race, you knew something was up. The hype leading up to Marathon Monday was all over the city! This was both mine and Pam’s first experience spectating the Boston Marathon and it won’t be our last. From starting line weather to finish line photos, the whole weekend was a blast.

We also need to take a step back to appreciate how amazing it is to qualify for Boston. One does not simply run the Boston Marathon, first you must run another marathon fast enough to be eligible to sign up. After marathon number one, it becomes a rolling entry based on your age and race time… and this year you had to be about 5 minutes faster than the BQ time for our age group to even get in. CRAZY. Another quick reminder: I did not run the Boston Marathon and a BQ is not on my to-do list… maybe it’s on Pam’s lol.

Boston is a point-to-point course which can make it challenging to spectate. The NYC course loops through the boroughs and makes it easy to hit our #PamPoints; however, Boston starts 26.2 miles outside of the city in Hopkinton and heads straight back in. After reading other blog posts, perusing the official race website, and seeking advice of friends who have spectated in previous years, we set out to do what some called impossible… see our girl, Kim, at 3 different points along the course. Three #KimPoints?! Seems wild… here are my best tips to see your athletes along the race course!

How to Spectate the Sh!t out of the Boston Marathon.

1. Grab a course map. Know what your runner’s pace is going to be & which wave they are starting in. Match each mile with the time of day they are expected to pass that mile marker.

2. Download the following apps to your phone:

  • Boston MBTA train time- find out when the commuter rail is leaving South Bay station in the morning & also what times it heads back to the city.
  • MBTA ticket app- purchase a $15 Marathon Monday all day pass. Not only will this save you a few bucks, but you won’t lose your ticket.
  • Official Boston Marathon app- track all your runners in one place! You can also see your current location to know when they are getting close to you.
  • Uber AND Lyft – because you may want to compare prices.

3. Here was our plan of attack:

  • Commuter rail pretty much follows the marathon course all the way out. Depending on what time your train is scheduled to arrive/ your stop, you can see the elite men & women cruise past you. We took it out to Ashland which is the 5k mark. The train station is about 1 mile from the race course so plan your walk time in! We had plenty of time to see the elites and ring that cowbell before Kim came cruising through.
  • That morning, we scheduled an Uber to drive us from #KimPoint1 to #KimPoint2 because the trains are fairly infrequent heading back to the city. Basically, these athletes are cruising so you just need to be faster than them. We decided on Wellesley Square (mile 13) based on when the train could pick us up again & get us to Mile 24 before Kim.
  • Take the commuter rail to Landsdowne (right by Fenway Park) then walk back along the course route towards Mile 24 to see our girl! *Disclaimer: the train was delayed and packed at Wellesley Square & we ended up on an extra train which was about 20 minutes behind.

4. Plan your meeting spot. The family reunion area can be a hot mess. Plan with your runner ahead of time where you guys can meet outside of that area to avoid the congestion. Also, make reservations for post race beers and food- you’re going to be hungry after all that cheering!

5. More cowbell. Be prepared, races are BYOC.


I want to recap all the details and amazing moments we had over the weekend, but it’s something you just have to experience. Take the time to soak it all in! We went to a baseball game, had pasta dinners, did a shake out run, and met Instagram friends IRL lol! Instead of detailing 3 days of adventures, I will leave you with a slew of pictures which speak for themselves.


If the Red Sox are in town, catch a game at Fenway Park!


Go to the Marathon Expo!


Visit all the fun pop-up shops along Newbury Street


If @runnerbraids is doing a pop-up, get your hair did, gurrrlll!


Drink a Sam Adam’s 26.2 … then make your runner a sign!


Assemble your cheer squad & pack for all 4 seasons in one day!


Plan a meeting spot away from the chaos!


Along with empathy carbs pre-race, be sure to enjoy post-race beers together!!


Do you have any tips for cheering on your friends in Boston?! Share them below!!

Xo, Louise


Studio Review: FLEX Studios

Nestled in the rolling hills on the North Shore Long Island, you can find a new pilates based studio, FLEX. The studio has been open for a few weeks and recently celebrated their Grand Opening with 4 days of free classes! Naturally I adventured from Long Beach to Woodbury (even in a snow storm- thanks to my Jeep!) to check out some classes.

All you need to bring Is your own water bottle, skid-less towel, & sticky socks- the rest is provided for you (mats, sweat towels, and showers).

First up was FlexIR, a mat pilates class in a hot room which is warmed by infrared panels (we’ll get to that). Taught by Kara, the class targeted total body and utilized a pilates ring, small squishy ball, and a set of 3# dumbbells. As a typical mat pilates class would be formatted, we moved through upper and lower body working one side at a time then finished off with plenty of core – planks, teasers, and crunches – oh my!

About 10 minutes into class, the heat of the infrared panels really started to kick in. The infrared panels warm objects in the room instead of just heating the air. Since the panels heat you up directly, you don’t need time to warm up the room. The FlexIR definitely left me very sweaty!

My second class was a Flex 30/30 class with my friend Dianna 🤗 This total body class combines two workouts in one and is done half with a TRX suspension trainer and the other half on a pilates reformer. We started the first half of class in the TRX studioDianna gave the class a quick intro on adjusting the TRX straps then we got to work. The class was broken up into 3 blocks (upper body, lower, and core) with a burst of cardio in between each round. After we finished our core round, we quickly scooped up our things and headed to the other room in the studio for our pilates session. Fast change into your grippy socks, crash course in reformer anatomy, and we were ready to go! Starting with core this time, then working in a combo of upper and lower body. This studio, more dimly lit, was the perfect atmosphere to cool it all down. The class in total was about 50 minutes long, the same as my previous class, the FlexIR.

This class squeezes a lot of workout into a short period. It’s great if you’re looking to try out both TRX and the Flexformer. I’d love to try a full class of each (which they also offer- FlexTRX and FlexFormer) to get more out of each piece of equipment 💪🏼

Have you tried Flex Studios yet? Share in the comments!! They also have 2 locations in the city (NoHo & Union Square). Check them out here!

Xo, Louise

Recipe: Savory Egg Muffins

Hard boiled eggs again?! Meal prepped breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. Flavor up those eggs by turning them into little egg muffins that you can take on the go. Packed with sautéed spinach and savory chicken sausage, these eggs pack a punch!


  • 4 eggs
  • 2 handfuls baby spinach
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 chicken sausage
  • 3 Tbsp crumbled feta cheese
  • Salt & pepper or Everything But the Bagel seasoning


  1. Preheat oven to 350*F. In a medium pan, heat olive oil then add spinach and garlic. Sauté until wilted.
  2. In a separate pan, cook chicken sausage until browned on all sides. Chop into small pieces.
  3. Spray 6 muffin cups with non-stick spray. *There may be more or less depending on how full your cups are. You can also use more eggs to make more muffins.
  4. Evenly distribute spinach, sausage, and feta into muffin cups.
  5. Whisk eggs in a separate bowl, mix in S&P then pour evenly into muffin pan.
  6. Bake for 15-18 minutes then remove from oven and let cool for 3-5 minutes before removing from pan.

This recipe can even be used as a guideline to make your own creations – maybe try egg whites or switch up the veggies. Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Xo, Louise

#cozumelcruisecrew Workout


NYC welcomed me home from an EPIC vacation with crazy turbulence and sub zero real feel. Current status- daydreaming about drinking margaritas in the sunshine and a one piece. I have a full recap of the weekend coming soon but for now I want to share one of my favorite highlights – leading 40 women through a bootcamp workout on the top of a cruise ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I was honored when Sarah (Founder and real badass of Dogwood & Co Retreats) asked me to lead the workout for her #cozumelcruisecrew.


The workout was held on Friday – our first full day out at sea! When we arrived at the sports court – the court was soaking wet and there was no microphone. The director of the court kept saying words like “delay” and “reschedule” – but we were all there ready to work out. So a quick modification to the workout to make it safe and a warm up of my vocal cords – it was time to F@&%ING GO!

#cozumelcruisecrew workout

*Warm Up: 2 Laps Each 


High Knees

Butt Kicks

*Circuits- 30s Each Exercise, 30s Rest, Repeat 3 Rounds 

Circuit 1

  • Step Back Lunge Left
  • Step Back Lunge Right
  • Squat Jumps

Circuit 2

  • High Plank Hold
  • High Plank Shoulder Taps
  • Thrusters

Circuit 3

  • Lateral Lunge Left
  • Lateral Lunge Right
  • Touchdown Jacks

Circuit 4

  • Squats
  • Squat Hold
  • Jumping Jacks

Circuit 5

  • Inchworm
  • Inchworm to Push Up
  • Burpees

If you give it a try – be sure to tag us!

Xo, Pam


RSVP for lululemon Winter Bootcamp!

B&B is back for another heart pounding, glute burning, sweaty workout class! Our friends at lululemon Roosevelt Field will be hosting us for our February Bootcamp and we can’t wait to sweat with you on Saturday, February 9!

Follow the link below to reserve your spot! The event is free but limited to 25 participants so grab your friends and get your tickets 🎉

Get your B&B February Bootcamp tickets here!

Xo, Louise & Pam