L: On Tuesdays, we run hills.

Today was the first official run on my schedule! Exciting, right? And what is everyone’s favorite running workout? HILLS! … Oh. No? Weird. (Keep in mind, prior to my 12 week countdown, I have been running to build on my base.)

Okay, so now the task at hand is where do I find a hill to run up and down in Nassau County?! Puzzling, huh? (Don’t let this happen to you! Check out our list of awesome trails with hills to run here!) So about a mile from my house, I adventured to a “hill” which ends underneath a train trellis. Steep enough for my first workout, definitely. Today’s run was about 3 miles consisting of a warmup, 2 sets of 6 hill repeats, and a cool down. I was PUMPED. I don’t know why I was so excited to run hills- correction- the same hill. Maybe because it is getting so nice outside or it was just a sunny afternoon. Or maybe it’s my new Garmin watch which gives me that extra push. There is nothing quite like a new accessory, running shoes, or clothes to motivate you to get up and move! (I actually got this watch refurbished on Amazon for quite a deal!)

Although my hill was on a fairly busy road and next to a park, I didn’t mind the passerby watching me run up and down like I couldn’t decide whether to head north or south. The determination of running all the way up to cruise right back down is pretty fun! In between my hill sets, I stretched out my legs and saved my mileage for the cool down run back home. And to save mileage, Coach Jared suggested I do a 5×2 hill repeat to keep it a little more low key for Week #1. Total mileage for my run was 3.6 with a time of 33:00.

Successful first day of running! Now I’m writing as my veggies roast in the oven. Brussels, carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers, zucchini… can’t wait!

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