L: Snowy, Dreadmill Days

Um, it’s snowing. Remember yesterday when I said it was sooo nice out?

For my run, I ended up on the dreadmill. I know some people either love or hate the treadmill. I’m fine with it, but rarely will you find me running indoors. There is a difference between indoor and outdoor running though (and not just the obvious). When you are running on a treadmill, you choose your pace and the treadmill forces you to maintain that rhythm. If you set the speed to 6.5mph, you will run at a 9:13 pace. However, if you head outside and say, “I’m going to run a 9:13 mile,” then you have to pace yourself to keep that up or maintain your own speed. Personally, I like running outside because I find it more exciting and challenging. Even if I run a big loop, I still went somewhere. Battling the elements- heat, wind, cold, or rain- is such an exciting challenge. Hey, if I had the right clothes, I would have been out in the snow today!

Quick recap: 3 miles, easy pace. I started with a half mile warmup at 6.0 mph, picked it up to 6.3 mph (or a 9:31 pace). I ran 2 miles here then cooled it down for the last half mile. I walked it out and drank some water simply to get more steps in my Fitbit challenge! I’m coming for ya, Pam 🙂

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