L: On Saturdays, we go on long runs.

The sun was shining again, phew! 
My favorite thing to eat before a race or longer training run is a bagel ❤ Today’s was fresh from A&S in Franklin Square. The workout was a 60 minute run with a push for the last 20%. Quick recap: 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at a conversational pace (between 9:15-9:30), then just as I hit the 5 mile mark (around 45:00) I picked up my pace to about 8:30-8:45 and ran steady for 12 minutes. It was tough, but totally doable. I had been worried about not finding the energy to push for the last stretch, but I felt great. Cooled it down all the way to my house and finished with a stretch. My New Year’s Resolution is to stretch after each run and make flexibility an important part of my routine!march 5

Twenty thoughts I had on my long run today:

  1. How many shirts should I wear? It’s not spring yet, but the sun is out.
  2. Speaking of sun, where are my sunglasses? I have to look cool.
  3. Okayyyy finally out the door. Garmin! Find me.
  4. Why don’t you know where I am? Let me put my hand in the air.
  5. And we’re off! Alright, nice and easy find that rhythm.
  6. Am I really going that fast? Easy kid, you’ve got 59 more minutes to run.
  7. Oh. I should have gone to the bathroom. Always go before you go.
  8. Ding! One mile done… time to get into a rhythm.
  9. That chocolate milk is going to be glorious when I’m done!
  10. This is going great… wait, Garmin?! Am I really going that slow?
  11. A fellow runner! Do I smile? Wave? Smile 🙂
  12. What else can I eat when I’m done? There’s Cookie Butter in the pantry…
  13. Literally can’t wait for tonight. We are going to partayyyyy
  14. Okay, little hill… lean into it! Go!
  15. Alright Garmin, why am I obsessed with looking at you???
  16. Almost time to pick it up, feeling strong, steady rhythm… and traffic light.
  17. Ready go! And we’re off! Find your rhythm again- stop checking your watch!
  18. Time to pick it up- and Flo Rida came on… Welcome to my houseeee
  19. Wave to all the runners in Garden City on a Saturday… Hiiii
  20. Woo! Pull it back, jog it out, why am I still kinda far from my house?! SMH.

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