L: Running Hills & Making Friends

On Tuesdays, we run hills.

But first I got in a quick, 20 minute strength training workout to beef up my day!

Two sets of each exercise:

  • Assisted pullups (MAX)
  • TRX Rows (MAX)
  • Step ups on a plyo box (10x R/L)
  • Kettlebell Deadlift + Goblet Squat (COMBO move) (10x R/L)
  • TRX Bicep Curls 10x
  • TRX Tricep Extensions 10x
  • Plyo box step ups with a reverse lunge (10x R/L)
  • BOSU mountain climbers (30 seconds)

Call me crazy, but I freaking love hills. Today I went to a park on the south shore right by the Meadowbrook Parkways in Merrick- Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve. It’s basically a few trails which wind up to the top of possibly the only hill on the south shore of Long Island. I know Pam likes to run here so I went on my own adventure. Totally thought I went to the wrong place, but found the parking lot just passed all the recycling trucks.

Hopped out of my car, waved my Garmin around like a fool, and off I went. Warmed it up by taking the fastest route to the top, a steady path up the side of the hill. First set of 6 repeats went really well. I found my way to a steep section and ran up and down part of the way (about 50 meters). On the sixth one, I ran up to where I saw this cute guy earlier on my warmup (he was nowhere in sight- boo!) then took my two minutes active rest and stretched out my legs. For my second set, I ran up the next part of the hill, not quite as steep, but maybe 70 meters in length. On the last one, I pushed all the way to the top of the hill which has such a beautiful view! In the distance here you can see the Wantagh Parkway and the Jones Beach Theater. It seemed a bit hazy looking west toward the city, but I bet on a clear day you have an amazing view of the skyline! Then I kept it at an easy pace (it was all downhill running at this point) until I hit the four mile mark.

I seem to meet people all the time- I guess I’m approachable. This gentleman and I starting talking after my run while we were both stretching. He handed me some flyers about a race he is putting on and I want to share it with you guys!

5K Run/Walk Race for Spinal Victory

Sunday, April 10, 2016

9AM Start at Wantagh High School

To register online, go to justregister.net

Raffle prizes following the race!

My new friend is training for his first short, Ultra Marathon which is a 50K. Power to you, sir! I haven’t even gotten the urge to try a full marathon! He saw me doing my hill repeats and I mentioned training for Brooklyn which he has run before. I told him about my goals and he had such confidence in me that I’ll be able to break 2 hours. Such kind words from a complete stranger- he made my day! I challenge you guys to spread a little kindness and encouragement today.

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