L: The Runs Keep Getting Longer…


On Saturdays, we go on long runs.

Another adventure through the streets of Garden City! Today’s run was 75 minutes of progression. With a one mile warmup and cool down, my goal was to fit another 6 miles in between. My run was divided into thirds, each being a little bit faster than the last. Miles 2 & 3 felt rough and the thought of moving my legs any quicker seemed daunting. Again, I was obsessing over my Garmin and the strange pace it said I was running. Miles 2 and 3 ended up at 9:27 & 9:26 pace. After chunk 1 of 3, it was time to pick it up a bit. I actually felt better when I picked up the pace. I held myself strong at a 9:14 and 9:15 then cruised up to 8:55! Quick stop to stretch out my ankle and have a Gu (salted caramel is deliciousss btw!) Off to the finish! So I head off and take the last chunk of my run to give it my all. I had a straight shot down a long street and finished my last mile with an 8:35! Where did that come from?! I started my run struggling to move at a 9:30 pace with achy knees, but such a strong finish. Never judge a run by the first mile.


Ten Thoughts on My Long Run:

  1. I shouldn’t have worn long sleeves. OMG. Why can’t I ever dress appropriately?
  2. I wear crops year round. I just can’t figure out my arms.
  3. Hmm… where should I go?
  4. Stewart Avenue… oh hey, EVERY OTHER RUNNER.
  5. Sunglasses were a good choice today… I bet I look cool and mysterious.
  6. If I did my runs on Sunday I could call it Sunday Runday
  7. But let’s be honest, I’m not going to want to run tomorrow. Pull it together, girl!
  8. Other runners probably need sunglasses for my electric yellow shoes
  9. And bright green pants. Can’t miss me! Here I come!
  10. Oh crap, why would I put the hill at the END of my run?!

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