L: The Workweek Hustle: Our Fitbit Obsession.

The Fitbit Obsession: Why Fitbits are good for people who need motivation and why Pam and I need to set our step goal higher than 10k a day.

I got a Fitbit for Christmas 2013. I love it! At the time, I worked as a Grad Assistant and spend half my day sitting in the office. It was an awesome motivational tool to get up and take a lap. Until recently, I just used it as my own daily activity gauge. Since this holiday season, I have had a whole bunch of new friends on Fitbit. It’s awesome! I have weekly challenges with my friends, compete with my clients, and work to meet my daily goal. It was definitely one of the hottest gifts this season.

As an exercise professional, I find fitness fun- I want to get up and move. My clients? Not as enthusiastic as me. I have the motivation to get my steps in and while 10,000 steps a day may seem daunting to some, I’ve often hit that goal by 2pm. Now, there are days (like today- Sunday is my day of rest) where I don’t even come close. That hits me with a little motivation to walk to the store or park farther away and get those extra steps in. These are the perfect ways to sneak a little more activity into your day. Having a desk job, driving to work, or skipping a workout are things that decrease our daily activity. Walking around the office, commuting by train, or hitting the gym during lunch will bump those steps right up!

But Pam and I have become so obsessed with our Fitbits. And Challenges. One of my friends from college (another Exercise Physiologist) makes it rainnn steps in our Workweek Hustle. Pam and I are determined to beat him and it creates a little bit of healthy competition! We are talking Friday night, jumping around at volleyball or running up and down the stairs just to beat each other. There is NO sitting down. And it is so entertaining.

So what about our active ladies out there? Is 10k a day right for you? Maybe you can set your bar higher. Find a new goal to work towards! Start challenging your friends (or your mom!) and help motivate each other to be more active 🙂

Keep stepping,

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