L: A Hill Named “Norm”

As a South Shore girl, it is hard to find hills to run! Since last week’s training run at Norman J. Levy Park and Preserve, I have been excited to go back. It’s really a beautiful view from the top of this former dump- literally. Within the park, you can easily find a parking space then head over to the gravel path and start on your journey. There are several routes to the top of the hill and you can find a map just before you are greeted by goats. Yeah, I said goats. This park is home to a lot of wildlife including at least a dozen mountain goats who have their own little habitat!

The fastest route to the top is also the steepest route to the top- keep that in mind when starting your run or walk! Last week I went for it and was like Oh. That escalated quickly. This week I ventured to the right which gives a nice scenic view and has a more gradual incline. This was much more ideal for my warmup mile! The best part of “Norm,” as I’ve casually nicknamed the park, is the view from the top. It is worth the uphill adventure. From here you can see several south shore landmarks such as the Jones Beach pencil and Theater. Even further east you can see the pencil out at Robert Moses. Looking west is the New York City skyline (best seen on a clear day- last week was hazy) and other buildings of Queens and Nassau can be seen gazing north.

Oh did you want to hear about today’s running? Today was a 4 miler with 6×2 hill repeats. And as I’ve progressed along, there was only 1 minute of active rest in between the 2 sets. 1 mile warm up followed by the same repeats as last week. Definitely pushed myself to run up the hill strong. At the top, I jogged it out and stretched, but before cooling down and running downhill, I took a few scenic pictures for you! Enjoy!

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