L: Finding the Time to Run


Okay, here’s the thing… I loooove Irish soda bread. And race training is an excuse to carb load… right? Not in week 3? OH. It doesn’t work like that? Okay. But I ran 3 mil… still no? Oooh welllll.  It’s not everyday one of your clients bring you a fresh baked loaf 🙂

Sometimes it seems hard to fit in my runs. Between working crazy hours and family or social obligations, life may have to come first. Today and tomorrow are perfect examples of that. You have to understand that your training can be flexible. Planning ahead is the best way to approach your training. What activities do I have planned? Where will my running fit into this? How can I make the most of my time?

Today’s run was an easy 3 miler to shake out my legs after teaching my BodyWorks class at LA Fitness. Today is also laundry day. Especially because I don’t have any clean snowboarding socks. Why does that matter? I’m leaving for Vermont tomorrow. But on Saturdays we go on long runs! Ahh, yes, but training can be flexible!

I head to the laundromat, Garmin on and running shoes laced. I toss my clothes in the washer then head out for an adventure in a new neighborhood. In this neighborhood, I start heading north on a road, North Park Drive, that curves slightly around… keep following until it changes to East Park Drive… all of a sudden we are on South Park Drive. BOOM. I found a loop. Even better? It’s exactly a mile. Take another lap! Nah, take two. I arrive back at the laundromat just in time to switch my clothes into the dryer. This is the perfect example of utilizing your time. Yes, there are chores that need to be done, but make it work for your schedule 🙂

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