L: Caught Speeding On My Long Run!

During this training cycle, I have been adventuring to new places and sharing them with you ladies! Today I ventured to Hendrickson Park in Valley Stream. This gem is tucked off of Merrick Road right near the town pool. There are two loops within the park- one is a mile in length and the other is about 1.5 miles.

Pam and I have been to this park many times while training some of our clients for the local Fly With the Owls 4 Miler. It’s a great place to run with paved paths that allow room for both cyclists and runners/walkers. Partially shaded by trees, there is a pond in the middle which the trail loops around.

Today’s run was actually my long run! Knowing I will be snowboarding all weekend, I wouldn’t want to be saving this 60 minute run for Sunday night. We will consider snowboarding a bit of active recovery 🙂 Started off my run with a warmup then aimed to hold a comfortable pace just above race pace. I followed the 1.5 mile loop around the pond, then made a U-turn and ran in the direction I had just come from. My internal battle to constantly peek at my Garmin has subsided and I’m allowing myself to base my running off of my perceived effort. It’s also important that I learn to pace my body through my run. I completed 4 steady miles then for my 5th, I really picked up the pace to push for the last 20% of my run! Umm… I ran one mile at 8:06. WHAT?! Like a boss 😉 Okay, it kind of hurt… but I still did it! It’s amazing what your body is capable of when you really put that effort into your workout!


Caught speeding! Definitely running faster than 5 mph through the park 🙂

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