L: Waving to Strangers

Happy Saturday, ladies! You know what we do on Saturdays… long runs! As I’ve previously mentioned, my cousin has been helping with my training and coaching me through all my crazy questions. So this weekend is pretty special for me because he and his family are coming to visit for Easter 🙂 So obviously I dragged him along for my 90 minute progression run (or he dragged me… we ran kinda fast).

Our run started off with a warmup pace of about 9:25, but we got caught up in talking and navigating that we forgot to pick up the pace. Stayed between 9:20-9:28 for our first 4 miles, then I decided to quit talking and focus on my run. The next 5 miles were all sub-9 and gradually picked up speed!

I usually run by myself, listening to music, and focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. I’ve had gait analysis done before, and worked to correct my form, but it had been a while. This week’s long run was not only fun because I had a buddy, but educational because Jared gave me some awesome pointers and drills to work on for improving my form.


30 Thoughts and Topics of Conversation:

  1. It is fantastic outside! The sun is shining and my cousin, Jared, is joining me on my run
  2. He better not try and make me run faster than my pace… I don’t wanna die
  3. Oh another runner… Jared waves! (Side note: Jared lives in Ohio and probably passes 5 people on his runs)
  4. *Running through Massapequa* How much do you think these houses cost? How much would it cost in Ohio? How big is the house you could buy in Ohio?!
  5. Omg running and talking is making this warmup MUCH more challenging
  7. But really, he held out his hands/paws for us to high five as we ran by
  8. Where do we turn? How to we get to the preserve?! Let’s turn here……..
  9. Wow! This is actually the right street
  10. Jared: So how’s your boyfriend? What happened with that? Seeing anyone? I’m never going to let my daughter date until she’s 30.
  11. Jared: I love this trail! What a good find 😊
  12. Jared: in all my years of running, I’ve never found such an awesome park!
  13. At this point Jared has waved/said hello to about 10 more people
  14. Alright, we need to pick up the pace a little bit… Ugh but talking AND running 🙈
  15. How long have you been running?? Probably longer than I’ve been alive! (Turns out the answer is yes, Jared’s been running for about 27 years)
  16. Aaaand we hit Sunrise Hwy… Hmm turn around? *truck honkkkk*
  17. Jared: Oh that’s just my mom’s friend. I told him to meet us here to cheer us on!
  18. Onward! So many paths in this park (there’s like 3 haha)
  19. 8:59… Woof! TOO FAST. TOO SOON.
  20. *Jared waves* You’re going to wave to everybody, huh?
  21. I don’t think those people spoke English…
  22. Jared: But the wave is a universal sign for “Hello.” Unless this is 1930’s Germany, we are good with a wave. (He’s a history teacher)
  23. Hills?! Where did these come from?
  24. Fine, they are overpasses on parkways…
  25. OH MY QUAD. Four. There were four hills.
  26. 8:55 pace… ONE MORE MILE.
  27. Jared: I must say, this is such a great park! *Waves to more people*
  28. Just make it to the tree.
  29. Just make it to the stump. dog. bush. tree. biker. other tree.
  30. 8:48 FINISH. BOOM. …Can we stop running now?!

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