L: Braving the Elements

Not a cloud in the sky, the sun is shining, spring is springing… but everything is blowing away. Holy moly is it windy outside! Like crazy windy… have you guys been outside? But there are miles to run. On Tuesdays, we run hills.

And we do race pace workouts! Today’s workout included 6 x 3 minute pickups at my race pace or faster. In between each pickup, I had 2:45 of active recovery where I just keep IMG_2093running. I’ve been focusing my pace more based off of effort rather than checking my Garmin. When I push my efforts, I find that I can run much quicker than race pace. Staring at my watch may be slowing me down! Holding a 9 minute pace if definitely doable, but an  effort of 8 out of 10 puts me around 8:40. Zoom zoom!

But look how gorgeous it was outside! I found this little spot at Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve and it’s so serene to look around while I stretch out my legs. Despite the wind basically blowing me backwards, incorporating speed work with my hills was definitely a challenge!

I am enjoying my training cycle and exploring local parks. Do you guys have a favorite running spot? Share it with us! We’d love to check it out or join you for a run.

❤ Louise


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