P: bRUNching is One of my Favorite Hobbies!

bRUNch (noun) – an exciting day dedicated to getting your sweat on in the morning via a race of a designated distance and then celebrating with margaritas and tortilla chips.


Honestly, every race should be followed up with a group of your best girlfriends, unlimited drinks, and a kick ass menu. This past Saturday was my first bRUNch of the season with my Tone It Up sisters. The weather was beautiful and the day was a success.

The morning was flawless. I woke up at 8, I was picked up at 8:45, the race started at 9:30, and brunch kicked off at 12. It was like clockwork. In the middle of the all of that I also ran a pretty kick ass 4 mile run. Due to an unforeseen illness that knocked me out for a week and resulted in my having to jog my half marathon the weekend prior, I wanted to test the waters. I still had a nagging cough but I had a game plan and a lot of determination.

Game Plan: I wanted to run the first 3 miles at a 7:45 pace and then just kick it in and see what happens. My first 3 miles were 7:44, 7:45, and 7:45. At that point I knew it was time to get to work. The last mile I wanted to chase down as many people as possible (one person in particular who I knew was ahead of me) so I got to work. It was uncomfortable and I was definitely at an effort level 10 when I got to the finish line but it felt good. I finished with a time of 30:42 for a pace of 7:38 miles. Not a PR by any means, but the best outcome I could have wanted. I was also able to snag 3rd place for my age group so I took home a shiny bronze medal. I love adding some hardware to my wall.



Then it was off for a quick change and brunch. I partook in a few too many margaritas but I balanced it off with a delicious chicken sandwich at one of my favorite restaurants in Long Beach, the Cabana.


Where are your favorite places to brunch?

Xo, Pam


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