L: 8 Miles Deserve 8 Slices of Pizza, Right?

Do you ladies enjoy your long runs? Honestly, I used to dread them. It seemed so far or too long to run. Week #5 of training for the AirBnB Brooklyn Half Marathon is coming to an end. I’ve seen so much progress and a change in my attitude, and I have grown to truly enjoy my Saturday adventures. I love knowing that I will have that time to myself! It’s important for me to conquer the miles, knowing each run is taking me closer to my goal. The best part of my long runs? Sharing my thoughts with you! Because let’s be honest… we’ve all complained about the weather and tried to calculate how much pizza we can eat when we are done running!

Today’s workout was a 75 minute run at a conversational pace. I’m still trying to focus on my effort rather than checking my Garmin. Turns out my pace was just above my goal race pace for each mile. It felt good so I kept it going! For the last mile, I pushed my pace to work on that strong finish. Here’s what I thought about…

Thoughts on My Long Run:

  1. Hmm… running in a sweatshirt will be fine. It’s kinda breezy out
  2. 75 minutes. Okay, we can do this. Nice and steady
  3. How long have I been running?
  4. 6 minutes?! Ohhh nooo!
  5. Let’s just keep running straight… until we run out of road!
  6. Laser tag tonight is going to be so fun!
  7. I’ve never played before… maybe beginner’s luck is on my side.
  8. I have to beat Pam! She’s super competitive
  9. Sweatshirt was such a bad choice. Sooo sweaty!
  10. Where am I? I should probably turn around soon…
  11. Only 2 miles?! Woof… but look at my pace!
  12. How fabulous do I look with this hoodie tied around my waist?
  13. *Checks window reflection* Oh. I’ve definitely looked better. Who runs like that?
  14. My cousin says she likes running around the track
  15. I’m just gonna scoop right in here and take some laps
  16. This is awful. SO MANY LEFT TURNS
  17. Aaaand we are back on the road.
  18. Can I have my Gu yet?! I’m hungry
  19. Stay focused- What will I eat when I get home?
  20. If I run 8 miles that’s like a whole pizza
  21. Time to pick up the pace! Run, Forrest, run!
  22. Oh another track. It’s a trap!!
  23. 8:40 finishing mile! I’m basically an Olympian
  24. Must. Keep. Running. Cool downs are such a tease!
  25. VICTORY! Where’s my pizza?!

april 2

Have an amazing Saturday!

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