Workout Wednesday: Stairmill Routine

Our first Wednesday since going live is here and this is the first of many workouts to come. There will be something for everyone as we will include home routines, gym routines, running workouts, and stretching regimens.

This week we are kicking off with a stairmill routine! If you have never used one, it is literally a revolving staircase that allows you to achieve an excellent lower body workout and tax your cardiovascular system. While this piece of equipment can be terrifying, once you become accustomed, it will likely become one of your favorites. One of my worst gym fears is falling off the back of this bad boy but I am happy to report I have not experienced that after years of use.

Pros of the Stairmill:

  • It mimics a real life activity. Everyone has to climb stairs at some point!
  • Works your entire lower body. You will feel this is your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.
  • Heart rate will increase within the first minute. You can achieve a fantastic caloric burn and sweat session on this piece of equipment in a little amount of time.
  • It is lower impact than other exercises. As long as you are using good form, there will be less impact on your joints while achieving the same benefits as other exercises.
  • Time passes by quickly. Since there are a variety of positions that you can do the minutes seem to tick by at a faster pace.

Correct form for the Stairmill:

  • Be smart. Know your limits and start at the appropriate speed for you. These speeds are only recommendations and you can start at whatever level is appropriate for you.
  • Light grip on the handrails. It is completely fine to use the handrails for balance, but no death grips!!!  If your fingers turn white, it’s a dead giveaway that you are gripping for your life. Reduce the speed so you can have a light grip.
  • Upright posture. You want to avoid supporting your weight with your arms. Please do not bend over and lean on the front of it. We already spend so much time bent over our desks, in the car, on the couch that this is the perfect time to work all of our postural muscles.
  • Press through your heels. Focusing on pressing up through your heels will allow greater glute activation. We often climb stairs on the balls of our feet which loads our quadriceps more and can result in knee pain. You will notice a tremendous difference if you focus on squeezing your glutes with each step.

Here is our routine! Let us know how you like it. The speed in parenthesis is a recommendation based upon a stairmill with levels from 1-20. The “R side step” and “L side step” is done with your body and feet turned at a 45 degree angle in either direction and stepping over maintaining that form. This will engage your inner and outer thighs more than in the regular forward direction. The “skip a step” is meant for more advanced individuals and is completed by waiting until a step passes to continue. If you have any knee issues or if you are new to the machine, just perform one minute at fast pace! Repeat this workout 1-3 times for a sweat dripping workout!




XO, Pam

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