L: Let’s Went

All morning I was stressing about the rain. When is the rain going to start? Will I get out of work in time? Is it going to rain hard? You’ve read it before: Louise doesn’t run in the rain. The last time that happened was the Sayville Running Company 10 Mile Run to Blue Point Brewery. (Because I had to. I already paid for it. And it’s an awesome race!!)

How often do we find ourselves looking for excuses? I was tired. I definitely had a migraine. Um hellooo, it’s raining. But there were men installing things in my apartment so I decided to go and beat the rain. Something changed inside my head while I was running today. My run was definitely slow and far from the progression run I set out to do. As I ran, I thought, the people in these cars must think I am crazy. By mile 4, it was pouring. I kept going, seeking shelter under a train trestle to eat my Gu, stretch my legs, and check my Garmin. Woof. That pace.

Thoughts on My Long Run: Three people inspired me to keep going.

1. Earlier this week, a client of mine took one of my group fitness classes. It was a tough class, but everyone in that class kept up and worked hard through an amazing workout. Later that day on social media, she and a friend are sporting stickers that said, “I tried.” They’re laughing and talking about my challenging group fitness class. This came to mind as I glanced at my watch with each passing mile. I tried. I was soaked, I didn’t run my fastest, but I went.

2. This brings me to my professor. At SRU, I was a member of Run Club which was a group of exercise science students and professors who met up on Tuesdays and ran a 3 mile loop. Before we took off, one of our professors would bring us all together and talk business. Without fail, before we left, he’d always say, “let’s went.” Think about it. It’s one thing to talk about having a run or a workout to do, but it’s another to have accomplished that task or met a goal. I went on my long run.

3. This guy came out of nowhere and passed me! Maybe my music was louder than I thought. He apologized to me, but startled, I replied, “I thought I was the only one crazy enough to be out here!” He stayed in my sight for quite a while, as we were heading in the same direction. With about 2 miles left in my run, I decided to catch him. He was probably running just above my race pace and I needed a strong finish anyway. Then I caught him! Okay, fine, he got stuck at a traffic light, but I wasn’t far behind. Naturally, I made a new friend because he asked me what I was training for (he is running the Long Island Half).

That’s when all these thoughts clicked. Of course I’m training for a race; it’s raining and I’m outside running. I am trying to break my PR in Brooklyn so I went for my long run today. I’m a runner.

Let’s went.
❤ Louise

4 thoughts on “L: Let’s Went

  1. Russ says:

    Sounds like my run yesterday. I tried. I ran. And my mom is the only one I’ve ever heard say “let’s went.” She also said “can’t means you don’t want to.” She never ran though.


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