P: My Weekly Recap of Workouts

Hi guys!

Every week I’m going to recap my workouts and training in a single post on Sundays. That way, if you are interested in my fitness journey, you can read it! If you are here more for the recipes and fitness facts, you can skip it! Obviously today is actually Monday and not Sunday, but that’s because yesterday I had a to do list a mile long and I wanted to get as many things completed as possible but it just wasn’t possible to finish it all.

My current fitness goals: enter marathon training as strong as possible, complete a pull up unassisted, and learn how to swim. I know some basic life skills in the water, if I was to fall off a boat I could survive for a little while, but I want to become an efficient swimmer and build confidence in the water.

Wait no longer! My week went like this!

Monday: 3 mile progression run – in the rain. Friday night I parked my car in the west end for happy hour and left it there as a responsible adult. However, it was now Monday morning and my car was still sitting in the west end. Oops. So I had an obligatory run to get it and it was raining. The result: 3 miles in 24:33 for an 8:11 pace with a progression in splits of 8:23, 8:16, and 7:52.

Tuesday: I lifted my upper body before work (aka 5am workout) with a focus on my back muscles. I will do pull ups by summer, I will do pull ups by summer, I will do pull ups by summer. After work I ran an easy 3 miles WITHOUT my Garmin. These runs are essential to training in order to let go of the numbers and really just listen to your body.

Wednesday: On Wednesdays I work a split shift so I have a 3 hours gap in the middle of my day so I head to the gym. Today I had a tempo run for 40 minutes. I did a 10 minute warm up and followed that up with 4 minutes fast and 4 minutes recovery 3 times and then a cool down to wrap up. Normally, I would do this in regards to distance but I like the Woodway treadmills at the gym whose MPH just seem wrong. I followed this up with a quick but effective lower body routine that focused on single leg strength.

Thursday: Thursdays I only workout in the am because I have a long day of work and then I volunteer with Girls on the Run. Today I did a full body TRX routine in which I LOVE!!! TRX workouts will be coming soon 🙂

Friday: I got off of work in time to head to a SoulCycle class with one of my favorite instructors. If you aren’t familiar, keep your eye out because next week I am doing a post on SoulCycle and why I love it as part of training regimen. I then headed to a Vinyasa Yoga class at my gym in which I am enjoying more and more.

Saturday: REST DAYYYYY! I still struggle with the mental part of a full rest day but I know that it is essential for my body. I considered counting a few intense rounds of Just Dance with the niece and nephew as a brief HIIT workout.

Sunday: Long Run Sunday Runday. I had 8 miles on the agenda and I procrastinated until late in the day. I really didn’t want to go but I told myself to just put on your shoes and GO! I ended up having a fantastic run of consistent miles for 8 miles in 1:10:14 for a 8:46 pace. I gave myself two thumbs up for that training run.

So there you have it- my week in summary. Today I started training again with my running coach Jess (www.racepacewellness.com). The New York City Marathon is 7 months away and I’m excited about the journey over these next 7 months.

Have a great week!

Xo, Pam

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