Workout Wednesday: Treadmill Hill Climb

The treadmill can be our best friend for walking or running- especially when the weather is not cooperating! We love using the treadmill to add hills into our workouts. Especially because some parts of Long Island are sooo flat. Pam always jokes her biggest hill is the boardwalk ramp. 

Running hills requires you to work harder and recruit different muscles than running on flat ground. The inclines also forces a runner to expend more energy. Changing your workouts from a flat surface to a hill will help to strengthen the glutes, quads, and calves. Besides an increase in caloric expenditure, targeting these muscles can help to improve stability and running performance.

When working with the incline on a treadmill, it is important that we focus on our form! There is a change in the way we walk or run in order to efficiently carry ourselves up that incline.

  • Lean into the hill. Focus your energy forward and up the incline. Shifting your weight from the heel instead of bending at the waist will create an efficient movement.
  • Walk/Run naturally. Swing your arms by your side to help keep your legs powering up that hill. Think short, quick steps and your arms will match that cadence.
  • Holding on for balance. For our walking friends out there, it’s okay to hold on to the handrails for balance. Try to avoid a “death grip” though! Holding on lightly will give you that secure feeling without altering your gait.
  • Avoid clinging onto the treadmill. Holding on is one thing, but make sure you aren’t leaning back. Stand up tall and lean into your hill! If we lean back, we aren’t doing the work of climbing the hill. Make those legs work 🙂

For this workout, maintain a comfortable walking or running speed. We are going to be changing the incline for an awesome hill interval workout! Following the timing listed below then switch to the next incline to climb all the way to the top!


Happy Hills,


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