SoulCycle Roslyn: 5 instructors that changed my life!


If you’ve met me, you know I love me some SoulCycle. I love everything about it and if I had endless amounts of money I would go every single day. I took my first SC class more than 3 years ago and it is like a second home to me. The experience begins the moment you walk in the door. The scent of the infamous yellow candle (that I also own in my home), the inspiring mantras, the energizing music, and the athleisure lining the walls  that you immediately require in your wardrobe.The front desk staff is AMAZING (I want to be best friends with all of them) and the workout is one of a kind. SC is my therapy. During those 45 minutes I leave it all on the bike. I have laugh, cried, smiled, yelled, and wooooo-ed (yes I’m that girl) my way through more than 200 classes. SoulCycle has allowed me to celebrate milestones, mourn losses, train for marathons, and meet new people. I’m telling you – it’s life changing.

Okay, so I drank the koolaid. And I have zero regrets.

Here are my favorite five instructors at SoulCycle Roslyn. You need to go sign up for their classes ASAP. Each of them has transformed my life in some way and I am forever grateful.

  • Julie D- My original Soul mama and the definition of the mom/wife I one day hope to be. From the moment you clip in you are in for a journey. Her playlists are carefully selected to include a wide spectrum of genres that somehow seamlessly transition from one song to the next. She is also famous for her “crack jogs” that test you physically and mentally but leave you feeling like a badass. She sometimes selects riders to ride the podium bike and I find that so empowering. Once, I requested Destiny’s Child Lose Your Breath – because I love all things DC- and didn’t realize I was going to ride podium. I will never ever ever forget those 3:38 seconds. I don’t get to ride with Julie D since she is mostly in the city, but if you can snag a bike in her Wednesday/Sunday classes DO IT!!!!!
  • Casi- There is something so exciting about watching a rockstar develop before your very eyes and Casi did just that. I first took a class with her when she first began her instructor journey and then our schedules collided again months later for our second class together. I left that room speechless and in awe at the heart racing, beat pumping class I had just finished. Casi has an energy that dominates the room, her sense of humor is timed perfectly, and her music is infectious (even though this country girl rarely knows any of the songs). She also has one of my favorite arm series! Grab a bike and get ready to sweattttttt!
  • Amanda K- If only the scheduling gods would let me take her class more often! There was so much buzz in the studio when it was announced that Amanda K would begin instructing classes on Long Island. Let me tell you, she lives up to her hype and beyond. She is a powerhouse on the bike and provides you with one hell of a workout. One of my favorite qualities is her focus on form, which allows you to become the best rider possible! Her music is perfection and the class is so much fun that you don’t even realize the 45 minutes has gone by. If you want to book a bike in her class, make sure you are ready at 12 on Monday because they often fill up fast.
  • Sabine- Sabine is a favorite amongst my friends and that is because of her amazing personality and electrifying classes. She has a beautiful soul and you can tell immediately when you meet her. Her smile and energy makes you feel at home and extremely comfortable whether you are a seasoned rider or a first time newbie. She also drops motivational quotes throughout class that you take with you when you leave those doors. She wants to get to know her riders and make connections that are more than just 45 minutes on a bike. If you need some Soul in your life, Sabine is your woman.
  • Tomas- Tomas has a long history in fitness and he brings that knowledge to all of his Soul classes. Tomas means business as soon as the first beat drops and carries that all the way to the final note of the last song, all while having a dance party! His classes are well thought out with catchy music and choreography that tests your limits. I think he is a pop music master and I have added several of his songs to my running playlist because they make you want to move. He travels between Florida and NY so make sure you sign up when bikes open to catch one of his classes.

Who are your favorite instructors?! We will be having a B&B Soul meet up soon and I can’t wait to ride with all of you.

Xo, Pam

PS. New to Soul? Sign Up Here! Your first class is only $20 and it includes your shoe rental and water. I will also write a post on what to expect your first class so be on the lookout!

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