What Your Cycling Instructor is Really Thinking

After an awesome beach workout Sunday, I was ready to go again on Monday. Twice a week I teach indoor cycling- it’s probably my favorite class to teach! Something about the challenge of turning up the resistance and pushing through a 45 minute workout gives you such a sense of accomplishment. You can really zone into the music to help give yourself the strength to climb to the top of that hill or sprint across the finish line. It takes a lot of prep to put together a solid workout and the playlist to match it. But just because I’m teaching the class doesn’t mean I am breezing through it- I’m just hiding it better 😉

15 Things Your Indoor Cycling Instructor is Thinking

  1. I am so pumped for this playlist- it’s perfect. I’ve been singing it over and over. Music is on- let’s go!
  2. Hmm… is the music too loud? They can totally hear me, right?
  3. “Let’s turn it up!” Did I just get side eye? Oh man…
  4. This used to be my favorite song until I turned it into a hill climb… shut up Beyonce.
  5. I am talking way too much. Just let the people ride their bikes. “Stay strong!” My subconscious opened her mouth that time- I swear!
  6. How red is my face getting? Is it wrong if I have water mid-song?
  7. “Can I get a WOOOO?!” *silence* … Oh no, they’re dead.
  8. Howww are my legs still working? I secretly feel your pain. #Quads
  9. “Turn it up!” No, seriously. I see you. Turn it up.
  10. If my butt hurts, I bet yours does, too. Let’s stand it up… #TeamLegs, let’s go!
  11. These guys are killing it. Sprinting is no joke.
  12. “One. More. Song. That’s it! You’ve got this!” Really, I promise. I wouldn’t lie about it, that’s just mean.
  13. Sprint through the finish… “You’ve got this, guys!” Keep your legs moving.
  14. “WOOOO!!” Ohh, nooowww they “woo”… when it’s over!
  15. You had a great class?! Awesome! Okay, we can keep the Beyonce song 🙂

Seriously, thanking your instructor for a great class is probably the best compliment you can give. It shows that the effort they put into preparing that workout is worth it ❤

What’s your favorite studio on Long Island? Do you have a favorite song your instructor plays? Never taken a cycling class? No?! Well, if you’re a member of LA Fitness or a student at Adelphi- come to my classes!

Keep spinning,

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