5 Tips to Dominate Your AM Workouts

am workout

I have a secret- I love AM workouts. Starting my day off with a bout of heart pumping exercise before the day takes over allows me to center my thoughts and sharpen my focus. It also provides me a post workout glow that I continue to carry throughout the day. With our busy schedules and daily demands, we never know how the day may unfold so I love knowing that my workout is already checked off my to do list.

However, waking up before the sun rises is not always easy- the snooze button and your blankets can be so tempting! Here are my favorite 5 tips to have a successful AM workout and to make rolling out of bed a little easier.

1) Prep all of your bags and lay out your clothes the night prior. Being successful at morning workouts truly begins the night before. I make sure that I always have my lunch packed, my clothes laid out, and my work bag ready to go. This allows me to minimize the time I need in the morning and it makes sure that I don’t forget anything at home. I also set my coffee pot for 5 minutes before my alarm is set so it is ready to go and I can smell it brewing.

2) Go to bed early and without distractions. This seems like a no brainer but sometimes I fall into the trap. I get home from work and I decide to flip on a television show. Next thing I know an hour has passed and now I am behind on getting my desired hours of sleep. On nights where I know I have an early morning workout planned, I try to leave the television off and limit time on my phone. This helps me fall asleep on time and with my mind a little more centered.

3) Set your aIMG_1511larm with music. I dread the sound of an alarm clock. There is nothing that makes me want to get my day started less than a horrendous WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP. I pick two songs (I set two alarms, the first one means wake up and four minutes later it means stand up) with a soothing intro that builds into more of an upbeat tune. I enjoy hearing my alarm go off and it puts a smile on my face. My current wake up tunes are by Sia and Ellie Goulding.

4) Set your alarm with a message. On my Iphone, I can label my alarms with different names. I choose to name them with a motivational quote, emojis that make me happy, or events coming up that are really important to me. If I am training for a certain race or event then I always include that. This helps me take off the covers and get my workout underway.

5) Have your workout written out. If you go to the gym without a plan, your workout is going to take longer or it’s not going to be as productive. I always know exactly what I’m doing and it is usually some form of a high intensity workout. This allows me to elevate my heart rate and keep the duration to 30 minutes or less. Having it written out eliminates you having to think too much and ensures you have a successful workout.


What time of day do you prefer to workout? Do you have any AM workout tips?

Xo, Pam

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