PSA: Instagram Geotags & Safety

There is always a lot of talk about internet safety and protecting your identity. I try not to do the obvious things like post ultra personal information or purchase things on unprotected websites. However, I live a very active social media life. I obviously have this blog, a fitness IG account with over 9,000 followers, a personal IG account, multiple FB accounts, and more. I’m connected with friends, family, colleagues, other fitness professionals, Tone It Up girls, and COMPLETE STRANGERS I’ve never met before.

So when my friend Gabby alerted me today that she heard Bethany on Z100 say someone approached her and was like “hey, I don’t want to scare you but I know where you live” thanks to IG geotags, I was alerted. I immediately went to my fitness account where I had over 600 tags on my home! Someone could literally see exactly what house I lived in. Now obviously that’s not top secret for my friends and family, but it is definitely not something I want so easily accessible to the general public. So do me a favor, go to your IG account, and check to see exactly what information is accessible.

Here is my personal IG account (since I already removed them from my fitness act)! If you click on the location symbol (the pear shape with the dot in the middle) it pulls up this map. If you continued to click on the photo collection  with 334 photos, it would literally take you to my street and my house. Click EDIT, then click on the album, then DESELECT ALL, then DONE, and then CONTINUE when it asks to remove geotags. And then go to your iPhone settings to remove the Location services access for Instagram.


Xo, Pam

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