L: Dreaming of Summer Running

Only 11 days until the Brooklyn Half Marathon!! I think it’s finally starting to sink in… until this point, the race has seemed so far away. Now I’m in Week #11 of training and the runs are starting to get a little shorter…

After a little set back last week, I picked up with my speed workout on Saturday then rested Sunday. Monday morning I adventured to Massapequa Preserve for my 90 minute long run; it was so nice outside and early in the morning the park was so peaceful. Unfortunately, I have no idea of my distance or pace because I forgot my Garmin 😦 But the run felt good and I practiced eating my Gu and drinking water on the go- every second is going to count next week.

Heading out on another running adventure today, I went down to Jones Beach to run on the boardwalk for my speed workout. Last week, my speed workout changed to 6 x 2 minutes at my half pace (or faster) with 1 minute of recovery in between. It’s definitely challenging, but I know I’m pushing myself to run faster than race pace. Knowing I can push myself to go a little faster is calming my lingering race day nerves.

The boardwalk is a great place to run or walk and I’ll often go for a run in the morning before plopping my beach chair in the sand. During the week this is a great place to go, but avoid it in the summer on the weekends since the beach is usually pretty crowded. You can ride your bike along the boardwalk, too! Running from Field 6 down to the far end of Field 1 is 2 miles and there are mile markers along the way. Today I did an out and back run with a mile warm up and cool down. The south wind was really blowing on the first half of my run, but it carried me all the way back.

Speedy Thoughts from My Speed Workout

  1. Oh hello, sir. Starting your Garmin, too… and you’re gone.
  2. This wind is not making for a good swell today. Or for running west.
  3. Hi Garmin man! I’m running right behind you. I hope I’m not creepy. We’re going the same pace…
  4. I literally cannot wait to just lay on the beach. How many weeks until Memorial Day?
  5. I have to stop looking at the ground. The boardwalk is making me dizzy.
  6. These guys are riding longboards… I should try that. But would I ride the same way as I snowboard? Why does it seem awkward?
  7. Keep running. Get to the pencil.
  8. Sprint. Just sprint it out.
  9. 3..2..1.. Yes! Done! Only 4 more runs to go…
  10. What should I have for lunch?


Who else is getting excited for Brooklyn?! Are you guys running any other races in May?

Keep running,

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