My Best Running Decision 

First up- an apology! I’m sorry things have been pretty slow on the blog the past few weeks. I am extremely excited to announce that I started a new position at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. There were a few deadlines and a whole of craziness while transitioning and I had to really focus on accomplishing those things. But we are back!!!
In honor of NYC marathon training kicking off on Monday- I want to talk about the best running decision I ever made. Hiring a running coach. 
I always thought only elite athletes had coaches. As a casual weekend racer who simply enjoyed running and ran respectable but average paces, why would I need a coach? Then, a blogger and fitness professional that I respected (SarahFit) began to blog about her experience with a run coach. I followed along when she ran the Chicago Marathon and then again when she ran Boston. In Boston, she broke the coveted sub 4 and I knew it was time to enlist a professional. Based upon Sarah’s reviews and a little research of my own, I decided to also go with Jess Underhill. 

Last May, I took the plunge and reached out to her for a meeting. We met up for coffee and chatted about my goals, my fitness level, and my schedule. We picked a day to start training and the rest is history. Not only is she my coach but also a therapist, problem solver, and a friend. 

The question I get asked the most is why do you need a coach when you are in the fitness industry. It’s really quite simple. I love to surround myself with others that I can learn from and gain knowledge from. I am not a run coach nor do I have the years of experience and knowledge like Jess. I am able to learn so much from her. I’m also human and I need that accountability! With crazy schedules and summer commitments, I need that person that will formulate a week of workouts that is both achievable and appropriate. I don’t like to let people down so I know that both her and my body is depending on me committing to my workouts. 

Jess formulates my workouts based exactly on what my schedule is like that week. A surprise meeting pops up- no problem because Jess is only an email away. If I have an ache or a pain, I email Jess to ask her opinions on what to do next. She’s always only an email away and I love that. 

Whether you are training for your 1st or your 20th marathon, I recommend you consider whether a coach would complement your current training. If you have any questions- just let me know! 

Xo, Pam 

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