Hitting the Reset Button

I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July weekend with friends and family. I am so grateful to live in this beautiful country where I can make all of my dreams come true. 
Today is all about how to hit that reset button. With all of the wildness of the past month, my social life and workout regimen had to take a back seat to my professional goals. Now that I’ve had a week to adjust and begin to find a rhythm, it’s time to find some structure again. 

Here are top 5 tips to hitting the reset button:

1) Map out your week and schedule your workout sessions. If you have a list of workouts you need to accomplish or a vague idea of what you are going to do- something else will always come up. Make appointments with yourself and keep them.

2) Let go of any negativity. It is very easy to get caught up in an increase in the scale or a decrease in your strength, but shake it off. Holding on to that negativity will just continue to foster more negativity. Focus your energy on what is to come.

3) Food prep your way to success. Do not forget about the importance of healthy eating. Whether you prepare food for the entire week in one day or do a little each evening, make sure you have healthy options on hand. 

4) Drink up! One of the biggest factors for me personally was my water intake. When I wasn’t making a conscious effort to consume a minimum of 80oz, it wasn’t happening. There was a significant increase in coffee intake and a decrease in water intake which put my body at a disadvantage. 

5) Catch your Zzzs. Here was another area that really took a hit and I felt the difference. Sleep is essential because it is the time where the body can rest and repair itself. Add on stress and exercise, it is even more important. My goal right now is to get 6-7 hours a night and I’m trying to sneak in a little foam rolling before bed as a little bonus.

It feels so good to have a fresh start this morning and focus my energy over the next 18 weeks as I work towards the NYC marathon. 

Xo, Pam

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