Workout Wednesday: Sunglasses Salutation

Let me start by clarifying that I am not a yogi- I don’t regularly practice yoga or attend a weekly class. I’m a runner, a spinner, and I like to lift heavy things. However, I have attended a few classes taught at the gyms I have worked in or at lululemon on a Sunday morning. But my best friend loves yoga and goes a few times a week. So for Christmas a few years ago, she got me this… IMG_2922


Our Workout Wednesday comes straight out of this book. I use this Sun Salutation as a warmup before I go for a run- or even to wake me up in the morning! The moves are simple and flow easily so that you don’t have to be a yogi to get it 🙂 Sun salutations are a series of moves which are linked by your breathing. As you coordinate your movements with your breath, the body starts to warm up by stretching and contracting your major muscle groups. They are especially great for building your upper body and core strength- which is what makes them challenging.

As you flow through the moves, each should be held for one breath (an inhale and an exhale), while you hold the last pose, downward dog, for five breaths. For a good warmup, start with 3 full sun salutations. As you practice more regularly, start to build yourself up to 5-8 ! Remember, it’s important to listen to your body.

Bonus: If you are feeling good after your run and have a little energy left, try using this as your cool down!

Poses 1-6:IMG_2919

  1. Equal Standing: Find your
    breathing here, then inhale and exhale one full breath
  2. Equal Standing with ArmsOverhead: Inhale and raise arms overhead
  3. Standing Forward Bend: Exhale, hinging from the hips and fold forward
  4. Plank: Exhale. Place hands on the mat, bending the knees if you need. Keep the core tight and step feet back.
  5. Cobra: Exhale, release the knees and upper body to the floor. Inhale to lift the chest.
  6. Downward Dog: Exhale to lower the chest. Inhale, pressing hands to the floor, lift hips and knees, pressing the heels down.


Namast’ay in bed 😛

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