L: Why I Quit Running

I love running. It is challenging and freeing to just go off on an adventure! A lot of what we blog about on here is our training and races. But I’m going to be completely honest, my last run was sometime around June 6th. Here’s why I quit running (temporarily).

Since before the Brooklyn Half, I had been joking with my co-workers that I was going to quit running. “I’ll break two hours and be done forever! This summer I’m getting into Olympic lifting! Pull-ups by summer!” Well, we know how the Brooklyn Half went and I immediately retracted my statement about the running. Two weeks later we did the Baltimore 10-Miler and it was challenging, but it was fun. I didn’t have a time crunch, but Pam and I would not walk- then we celebrated with all our friends! After that race, I started searching for October races… the half marathon kind of races… Coach Jared and I had a few conversations about what we could have done better, what we would change, our timeline before the next race, and then I looked at the training schedule.

When I created my training calendar for Brooklyn, there was excitement and an itch to get started. I couldn’t wait to go for my long runs, use my new Garmin, or try a new flavor of Gu. When I started looking at the weeks of running ahead of me, I immediately felt pressure. Pressure to break 2 hours. Pressure to start re-building my base. Running another half this year was my idea… but something was missing. Fun.

I’m not in it to win it- I’m in it for fun. For a shiny medal that I can wear during post-race brunch. For high fiving my friends who are standing on the side. For some bragging rights and an excuse to eat pizza. Sure, we all want to PR or beat our goal, but I don’t want that to be the only reason for running. That’s why I quit running (temporarily) and have transitioned to the summer of lifting! Pam’s personal goal to do a pull-up by summer has become my goal by the end of summer. On Wednesdays, we don’t wear pink- we squat. And we deadlift. Heavy things.

Sometimes you need to find a balance (especially because running and strength training go hand in hand 🙂 ). I will train to race again, but this summer and fall, it’s for fun! I’m on a mission to renew my love of running, starting with signing up for a few fun races. This August is the Beach2Beacon 10K up in Maine with my best friend from grad school. Pam, Chelsea, and I just signed up for the 15K Run to the Port Jefferson Brewery in October- you should totally join us!

Do what makes your ❤ happy,

2 thoughts on “L: Why I Quit Running

  1. afastpacedlife says:

    Have fun at B2B! I did it last year and had a blast. Lots of rolling hills and the finish line is at the top of a short steep hill with grass. The view at the finish can’t be beat.


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