Marathon Training and Hills!

So to be honest- two weeks ago I almost quit the marathon. I was in a funk and I felt completely unprepared for the 18 week journey that had began. And then I remembered I wasn’t a quitter and sat down and mapped out a plan. I know the next couple months are not going to be easy but I’m determined to hit the starting line come November 7th. 

My schedule looks sort of like this:

  • Monday: Lower Body ST + Cross Training
  • Tuesday: Upper Body ST + Easy Run 
  • Wednesday: Hill Repeats or Speed Work
  • Thursday: HIIT or Full Body Strength
  • Friday: Upper Body + Easy Run 
  • Saturday: Long Run + Core
  • Sunday: Rest  

One part of my training that I knew I wanted to improve upon was my hill training. Last year I lived/worked/trained on the south shore of Long Island, which meant my exposure to any sort of incline was chalked up to the boardwalk ramps. So I knew when I took the job in the city I wanted to commit to running hills on a weekly basis. Every other week I get a dose of Cat Hill Repeats but I also wanted to get hills incorporated into my regular runs. 

Cue running the Queensboro Bridge. Since I work on the East River and 71st street, the bridge is extremely close at 59th street and 1st Ave. I want to try to run over and back at least every other week for the next few months. For the first time since the marathon, I returned to the bridge. Since it was pre B&B, I should note that NYC 2015 was a train wreck. I cramped at mile 8 and literally cried my way through the next 18 miles. I can never put into words the emotional and physical journey I went on that day. 

A few basics running the bridge. Make sure you stay in the outside lane regardless of what direction you are going. The inside is meant for bicycles and you do not want to get caught in that lane with a bicycle coming down a million miles an hour. If you have to pass walkers, make sure you double check before crossing the white line. Also, when you think you are at the top you probably are not! It is so deceiving!

The views from the bridge are one of a kind. It’s never really that busy (probably because it’s such a doozy) and you have a pretty clear view North and South. I personally prefer running from Manhattan to Queens. I find that it is a steeper climb but that it passes quicker. The Queens to Manhattan direction is less steep but I feel like it goes on forever! 

Do you have a favorite direction? Do you have any other bridges you like to incorporate? Let me know!

Xo, Pam

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