Summer Streets & Citi Bikes 

Last summer I missed out on Summer Streets and I was so bummed out about it. This year I knew it was on my summer to do list so when my coworker asked if I wanted to join her I said yes!

In case you haven’t heard of it, Summer Streets is when NYC closes down Park Avenue from 72nd St all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge from 7am to 1 pm. Along the way they have rest stops that include water fountains, vendors, and activities. The best water stop was definitely downtown in which there was a gigantic water slide, tiki huts, and swings! Sadly- I had to grab a coconut water and keep on trucking because I was only 4 miles into my 12 mile run. Other highlights for me were the Nuun shots, endless water, and live entertainment. For the non runners there were roller blade rentals, bike tune ups, yoga, martial arts and more!
I really loved Summer Streets. It was so much fun to run along Park Ave and get a different view of NYC. I will say it is ESSENTIAL that you get there early if you want to do a long run. When we started at 7:30am, the streets were pretty clear but by 8:30 they had definitely gotten busier. By 11:30 it was packed!!!! I was trying to make a train out of Penn from 93rd and 1st so I hopped on a Citi bike and made my way over to Park Ave. By this time all of the families were out and tons of runners and bikers. It was a little stressful because I was in a hurry but I still would have enjoyed it if I was out for a casual ride.

PS. Biking in the city is one of the scariest things I have ever done. I would not recommend doing it unless you A) have a helmet (which I did not) B) only rode on streets with a clear, designated bike lane (ha) or in a park or C) wanted to play a little game of cross your fingers and hope for the best. I obeyed all of the traffic laws but it never fails that there is construction or a taxi parked in the bike lane or no bike lane at all. I ended up getting off and walking my bike once I was near Penn and realized I wasn’t going to make the train. I’m just happy I live to tell the tale of my one and only experience of Citi biking.

Did any of you run Summer Streets? Any tales of riding a bike in NYC?

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