Workout Wednesday: Booty Work

This week’s workout is sure to get those glutes firing! We put together 5 moves to work all 3 of your glute muscles. Did you know your “glutes” are comprised of 3 muscles? You have the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus; all of these work to extend, abduct, and externally rotate your hip.

But beach season isn’t quite over yet! It’s time for a little booty work. For this workout, all you need is a yoga mat and a resistance band or loop.

Perform each exercise for 20 reps (or 20x each side). Try for 2-3 rounds 🙂

1. Sumo Squats

Start with feet just wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointed out slightly. Bend at the knees and hips, making sure your knees don’t go past your toes. Focus on pushing your knees out as you return to standing.

2. Curtsey Lunges
Begin with feet hip width apart. Cross one leg back and behind the front leg, bending both knees. Be sure to keep your weight in the heel of your front foot, then push yourself up and back to the starting position.

3. Kickbacks
Begin standing with your weight shifted to one side (but careful not to lock out your knee). Keeping the other leg straight, lift it diagonally back, squeezing your glutes. As you lift, maintain a tall posture and avoid leaning to the other side.

4. Banded Bridges
Place your resistance band up over both knees and lay down on your mat with your feet hip width apart.. Pressing the heels down to the mat, lift hips up and squeeze the glutes. As your lift, push your knees out against the resistance band (don’t let it push you in). Lower hips back to the mat.

5. Clamshells
Laying on the mat with the resistance over the knees, bring your feet together. Push the knees apart, then keep it controlled as you bring them back together (don’t let the band pull them in).


Share your Workout Wednesday with us! Tag us on Instagram @burpeesandbordeaux 🙂 Have a fabulous day!


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