Class Review- Ocean Ride

Today’s class review is a hometown studio that I’ve been wanting to try – Ocean Ride! I have been an avid SoulCycle rider for years but with my new job and commute – it hasn’t easily fit into my schedule. I can probably count on one hand the number of spin classes I’ve been to that wasn’t SoulCycle. But I have wanted to try Ocean Ride since it
opened and I finally made it.

I booked a bike in their Thursday afternoon class online with Nia (bonus is that their first class is free). It was a 4:30 class which works perfect because my train gets in at 4:15. However, I ofcourse fell asleep and my train was running a little behind so I wake up at 4:20 as we pull into the station. The studio is easy to find in the heart of town and right beside Tutti Frutti. So I tell myself to wake up and get ready to go!

I went upstairs and it is so cute. It is a large open area where they sell apparel (like Luxe & Hazel and Heroine Sport!), lockers to keep your stuff, and a fridge full of Core Water! I checked in, borrowed a lock, bought a water, and got ready! Along the hallway there is a changing room, a bathroom, and then the studio.

The studio is set up in 4 rows, around 4-5 bikes across. They are Schwinn bikes that you can use your shoes or clip in. I definitely prefer to clip in but I didn’t have my shoes – so next time! Today’s class had an arm segment so we needed to grab weights. They give you an option of 1, 2, or 3 pounds. I went with the 2# but I would definitely do 3# next time.

Nia comes in, turns off the lights, and begins her playlist. Her music includes a large variety of songs and she brings great energy and a well thought out class. She would give us RPM zones to be in so we could adjust the resistance knob accordingly. We spent time on the open road and mixed in some sprints, jumps, and hill climbs! Everything you look for in a great spin class. There was a little choreography of the upper body with some presses but it was well timed and appropriately proportioned. The arm section was what I expected with a mixture of curls, presses, and punches. It lasted for one song and then we hit the road for our final song.

After the final song we did a quick stretch on and off the bike and wiped our bikes. Voila- 45 minutes of spin was done and I felt great! I would definitely go back and take another class! I definitely got a great workout and enjoyed myself but I think I will like it even more when I didn’t just wake up and when there are more than 4 people in class. One thing I do like about Soul is that riding as a pack mentality and the energy in the room. So next time I will pick a different time slot and pack my shoes.

Thank you Ocean Ride for being a beautiful studio that provides Long Beach with a great workout. See you soon!
Xo, Pam

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