11 Weeks til NYC26.2

For the next 11 weeks I’m going to recap my week of workouts to give you a peek at the highs and lows of marathon training. It’s not always pretty but appreciating the journey is an essential part of being successful.

Monday: Full Body Strength
Today I have a 5 hour dentist appointment appointment so it was a strength training day! I did 2 rounds of my favorite Tone It Up video which was 30 minutes of strength training with squats, deadlifts, planks, and single leg exercises. I also went for an evening bike ride with Al to unwind.
Tuesday: Easy Run- 5 miles, Upper Body Strength
I actually really enjoy runs before work. It just gets my day started off right. I did get tricked into thinking it was cooler than it was so I wore capris and totally regretted it. I did two rounds of my favorite upper body exercises after work.
Wednesday: Hill Repeats- 6 miles
Probably the workout that I dread the most but always feel like a badass superhero when I finish. It’s 1.5 mile warmup to the base of Cat Hill, six 400m repeats up and down (which is just about red light to red light), and then 1.5 mile cooldown. On Wednesday nights I stay in the city so this workout usually works out perfectly. It’s 1.5 miles from work to Cat Hill and 1.5 from Cat Hill to my friend Nicola’s apartment. It’s meant to be!
Thursday: Ocean Ride Spin
A spin class was today’s workout so I tried out the local LB studio Ocean Ride for a 45 minute ride. Check out my review here.
Friday: Rest
Today was supposed to be an easy run but I worked 7am-5pm and by the time I got home I was exhausted. Like I just want to lay down and sleep exhausted. So that’s what I did! So I just swapped workouts with Saturday.
Saturday: Easy Run- 3 miles
It felt amazing to sleep in since last weekend I didn’t get a chance to! I had 3 easy miles on the boardwalk and then spent the afternoon with my PIC. We went Stand Up Paddle boarding in Island Park. We paddled against the wild wind for about 40 minutes, explored the marshes for about 10 minutes, and then made it back in 10 minutes since the wind was to our backs. And then we brunched our little hearts out at Pancho’s.
Sunday: Long run- 17 miles
I was in dire need of a good long run. Last Saturday was a disaster and two weeks ago the heat and humidity were just too much. I signed up for the Three Bridges Run with the NY Flyers. Their organization and execution was on point and it was such a great event. It was still crazy humid but being in a group made all the difference. They have planned water stops along the way with water, Gatorade, and gels. We also went rogue and stopped at a water park for an extra water stop and to cool off in the sprinklers. I joined the 9:30 pace group and our pacers did an excellent job in making sure we stuck with that pace. It starts in Central Park, over to Riverside Park, down the West Side, across to the Brooklyn Bridge, over the Pulaski Bridge, and then finally over the Queensboro Bridge. If you were further in your training they went back into the park to make it a full 20 but my job was done. Overall I was so proud to have hung in there and finished the 17 miles while tackling those bridges.
Total Mileage: 31 miles
10 weeks to go to the big day. I’m running a little slower than last year but I’m still just trying to hang in there and enjoy the journey.
Are any of you training for a fall race?
Xo, Pam

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