A Decade Long Search is Over!

As a female my least favorite thing to shop for are sports bras. Regardless of what brand I try or where I go, they never seem to fit my 32DD chest. For over a decade I have tested what feels like every brand in existence. I have tried Oakley, Nike, Under Armour, lululemon, Athleta, Brooks, Moving Comfort, Fabletics, Asics, Victoria’s Secret, Champion, and the list goes on and on. I’ve paid from anywhere from $20 all the way to $80 and not a single one was tight enough around the band while providing me enough support. So my temporary solution was to double up on two Nike bras until I found a better solution.

To be fair- I did have some requirements that immediately eliminate some bras. My perfect sports bra must:

  • Be a racerback. I don’t do over the shoulder straps – I don’t like the way they feel when I’m lifting or running and most of my workout shirts are racerback so they don’t look as pretty.
  • Easy to put on. I am not a contortionist. I can not twist my body in weird positions in order to put on a sports bra. Especially after doing an upper body workout when it is already almost impossible to remove any shirt.
  • Have an adjustable band. I’ve realized that since I have a smaller rib circumference that I really need an adjustable band. Elastic bands just are not going to give me the fit I want.

I finally found the bra for me – and there is no going back. For the past 8 months, I have put Sweaty Betty’s Ultra Run Bra thru tempo runs, long runs, and HIIT sessions. The support and adjustability has made it perfect for every session. I feel like there is no bounce and fits me just right around my ribs. It was also one of the bras that I ran in shirtless this summer. Sweaty Betty has some new colors in stock so head over and try one out! My other top two bras are the Pure Practice by lululemon (no longer in stock) and the Hulabraloo by Athleta. 

What are your favorite sports bras? Let me know your favorite!
*This is no way a sponsored post – I just wanted to share the answer to my decade long quest!*
Xo, Pam

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