Why you should warm up before exercise!

A proper warm-up is an important part of one’s workout. A 5-10 minute warm up helps prepare the body for physical activity which will not only reduce the risk of injury but also improve one’s performance.

Benefits of a warm-up:

  • Increase in heart rate– Begins to prepare your heart for the increase in intensity and elevated demands of the body.
  • Increase in body/muscle temperature – Increases the elasticity of the muscles and flexibility of the joints which helps reduce the risk of injury. Also increases the speed of muscular contraction and relaxation which helps improve performance.
  • Increases in blood flow to active muscle tissue- Dilation of the blood vessels decreases the resistance to blood flow and allows for more efficient cardiovascular function and oxygen delivery.
  • Increases in psychological preparation and mental readiness- This is your moment to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. Review your game plan and visualize success.


Below is my go to dynamic warm-up to do before I go out for a run.


Dynamic Warm-Up

Perform each exercise for 15 reps.

  1. Body Weight Squats
  2. Knee to Opposite Elbow
  3. Reverse Lunges
  4. Lateral Lunges
  5. Standing Crunch w/ Step Back
  6. Inchworms
  7. High Knees
  8. Butt Kicks

Xo, Pam

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