It’s Officially Race Week!!!!


NYC 2015

What a training season it has been. Full of highs, lows, and everything in between. When I changed jobs in June just before training started, I knew it was going to be no joke. At times, I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to get to the start line. Now in just a mere 7 days, I will step up to the start line ready to give it my best shot. I don’t have any wild expectations in terms of time, but I want to run a smart race and I want to have fun!!!

To help prevent restlessness leading up to any race, I set up a schedule for myself. I LOVE checklists and outlines so this fits right in with my personality. Thankfully I get to leave the workout schedule up to Jess and I can focus on the tasks at hand. I also hope to check in during the week with updates to keep an eye out as I head into marathon #5!

Weekly Schedule: 

  • Sunday: Print packing list, Make playlist
  • Monday: Finalize and write out race day plan with Jess
  • Tuesday: Finalize cheer squad (#pamsquad) and their itineraries
  • Wednesday: Write out weekend schedule for Friday-Sunday
  • Thursday: Lay out clothes, Check weather
  • Friday: Visit the expo, watch Run for your Life (I have never seen it!)
  • Saturday: Travel to NYC, Check into hotel, Charge ALL electronics
  • Sunday: RACE DAY!!!!!!!!!

Are there any steps you take during race week? Anyone else running NYC this Sunday?

Xo, Pam




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