Workout Wednesday: BOSU Strength Training

Trivia Question!! Do you know what BOSU stands for? “Both Sides Up” or “Both Sides Utilized” #funfact

This week’s workout incorporates a BOSU ball to add an extra challenge to these strength training moves. Balancing the BOSU forces those smaller muscles to work in order for you to balance or stabilize yourself. Add these 6 moves into your workout routine 🙂


Start in a wide, low squat with hands on the side of the ball. Jumping out into a plank position then jump back in. Stand up and press the BOSU overheard. *Bonus: add a pushup before standing up!img_4302

Mountain Climbers
Start in a plank position, drive one knee up towards your chest then hop to switch sides. *Lower the intensity by stepping back into a plank.


Begin by stepping one foot back onto the BOSU with toes centered in the bullseye. Bend both knees while keeping your torso upright. Press through the heel and return to starting position.img_4305

Knee Tuck + Lift
Start in a plank position, tuck one knee up towards the chest then extend that leg back. Lift and squeeze your glutes. Bring the knee back up without touching the ground.img_4306

Lateral Lunges
Start with one foot on the ground and one centered on top of the bullseye on the ball. Shift your weight to the foot on the BOSU, bending at the knee and hip- the leg on the ground stays straight. Press back up and return to standing.img_4304

Step onto the edges of the BOSU ball and find your balance. Lower into a squat then drive through the heels to stand back up.img_4307

Xo, Louise & Pam

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