Looking Ahead to 2017!

It’s that time again! The end of the year brings about a time for reflection of the previous 12 months – good, bag, ugly and utterly amazing. 2016 was a fantastic year – I landed my dream job in NYC, celebrated my 5 year anniversary with Al, and launched this blog with Louise!!! At the beginning of 2016, I knew I wanted to grow professionally and worked hard for it. I look forward to continuing to grow not only at HSS but also with my B&B family in 2017. I’m truly so grateful to use the blog to connect with not only friends and family, but individuals in the local community. Looking forward to sweating together next year!
Now as I sit here on the LIRR, I think about what I want to accomplish in 2017. Most people like to talk about weight loss, going to the gym, finding love, etc but things are a little different for me this year.

My three goals this year are to:

  • Continue to work towards financial freedom
  • Increase self confidence
  • Crush my running goals

Number one is very straightforward – I want to become debt free in 2017 (besides student loans – they aren’t going anywhere soon). Over the past few months I’ve really worked on decluttering my life and getting rid of things that no longer serve me – debt included! I also started to plan for retirement which had been a long overdue goal! I am going to make sure I do a monthly budget every month to achieve success in this department!

The next two go very much in hand. In 2017, I want to live life unapologetically and 100% me. I have never been an overly confident person and I’ve often cared too much about what other people think of me. Whether it be body image, my trouble with Rs & Ws at times, or fear of looking stupid – I’ve held back. I don’t like to workout in public, I overthink what I’m wearing, and I try to avoid things if I don’t know what I’m doing or could embarrass myself. &$@# IT!!!!!! I’m no longer going to waste time wondering what others are thinking. In 2017 – I’m working on me.

Which leads me to #3. My running in 2016 was not pretty. I didn’t set any PRs, I had trouble sticking to training plans, and I continued to doubt my running ability. I ran the NYC Half 6 days after going to the hospital with the flu and the NYC marathon after less than spectacular adherence to my training plan. What I did have was fun though – which is what we are using to summarize 2016. I got to run the Broadstreet 10 miler with my best friend from college (FUN), I chugged beers and partied on the lawn with a group of friends after the Baltimore 10 Miler (FUN), I tackled the hills of the Port Jefferson Brewery 10 Miler to be rewarded with beer and subs 24 hours after my 20 mile long run (FUN?), and I spent hours together with my friend/coworker as we trekked to SI and then ran/smiled/hugged our way through the 5 boroughs back to Central Park for the NYC marathon (SO MUCH FUN).

Now it’s time have fun AND run fast. It’s time to break down the imaginary barriers I put into place about what I’m able to achieve. I was never athletic as a child – I was an overweight bookworm who skipped PE class (my only B on my report card). I started running as a type of therapy at one of the darkest times of my life. It wasn’t pretty by any means – I passed out on the track during my first indoor track meet. But it changed something inside of me. And now it’s a part of who I am! But I still struggle believing that I can be a fast runner. My coach Jess gave me a hard dose of reality after NYC this year “until you believe you can run faster you aren’t going to”. Boom. Cue the immediate tears and then days of soul searching. I didn’t like her when she said it but I realized she was right. And it’s something that I’ve been dedicating time to this winter and I will continue to!

First up in 2017 is the NYC Half in March. I did not get accepted into the lottery so I’m running with a charity team Team for Kids. (Check out my page here to learn more or to help me reach my fundraising goal!) Every other week I’m going to update you guys on my training journey and my workouts to help keep myself accountable. I’m so excited to have you guys along for my journey this year!

XO, Pam


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