Workout Wednesday: Express Arms!

This is my go-to workout when I’m short on time and heading out for the evening or at the end of an upper body workout when I want that final burnout. Grab a heavier set of weights (you are only doing 10-12 reps at a time) and make it count. If you have more time, rest for 2 minutes and repeat for another round or 2!

1) Hammer Curl + Shoulder Press- Keep your shoulders down and fingers facing each other. Curl the weight up and then press overhead keeping your arms parallel.

2) Overhead Tricep Extension- Either grab the ends of a single DB or grab one for each hand. Lock your elbows by your ears and control the weight as you extend up and return to starting position.

3) Lateral Raises – Form is so important – you should not feel this creep into your neck! Keeping your shoulders down and elbows slightly bent -lift the weights up to shoulder height as if you were holding two glasses of water. Slowly return to starting position.

4) Bicep Curl with Isometic Hold-Lock your upper arm by your side and keep your shoulders down. Bring one arm up to a 90* angle and hold it there while you complete reps on the other side. Switch! Make sure you are not swinging the weights.

5) Bent Over Tricep Extension-Position yourself so that your torso is angled with the floor, core is engaged, and rest your hand on your thigh or on a surface like a bench. Keeping your elbow still, extend the arm straight out behind you, pause, and then squeeze the weight back in.

6) Bent Over Reverse Fly- Hinge at your hips, engage your core, and bring your torso so it’s at a 45 degree angle. Keeping your arms in line with your chest and your elbows slightly bent, lift the weights up to shoulder height and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Slowly return to starting position.

Any questions just let us know!

Xo, Pam

Race Recap: 10 Mile Run to Blue Point Brewery

We had our computers ready, credit cards out, anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 7… sign-ups for this race are no joke because it is so popular- and for good reason. GLIRC and Sayville Running Company put on one of the most popular races on Long Island. It’s simple: run 10 miles, drink all the beer.img_7562

This was my third year participating and I always have a great time! Signing up this year was seamless compared to previous years (thank you GLIRC for solving that issue) and I was so excited to have Pam and her boyfriend, Al, join me in the run. We all set our own goals for the run and crushed them this year!img_4844

This 10 mile race starts by the Blue Point Brewery out in Patchogue then winds through the neighborhoods towards the ocean and back to the brewery. The course is a flat loop with a few quick turns. Since I have run this race before, I’ve learned the course and have a few favorite parts. This time, I made mental notes along the way of my personal favorite moments during each mile:

  1. This guy was holding a sign that said “What are you running from?” And I shouted out to him, “I’m just running towards the beer!”
  2. Puppies! There were so many spectators with their dogs out and about
  3. We had literally just passed the port-a-potty, but this man jogs off behind a tree… we all saw you…
  4. Fireball shots at this mile marker! With a real feel temperature of 20*, this surely warms you up.
  5. It may sound silly, but this one road used to have craters which made for some dodgy running. It was newly re-paved and I could look ahead instead of at my toes.
  6. Between miles 6 & 7, you make a turn that takes you right along the ocean. It’s a beautiful view- especially on a sunny morning.
  7. I was just happy that it came out of nowhere! I think I was distracted by the ocean and the race photographer on the sideline.
  8. My playlist started jamming and even though I didn’t have Pam to sing aloud to, I started rocking out to “Want U Back” by Cher Lloyd #NoShame
  9. Mile 9 was actually disappointing šŸ˜¦ The last 2 years, there has been a man standing on the bridge over the canal handing out beers. Drinking while running may not be recommended, but it’s always a good laugh. Where were you, old friend?!
  10. One last turn and it’s a long straightaway to the finish. I had been keeping an eye out during the whole race then I found my friend Brittany, crossed that finish line, and found some refreshing beverages!

img_4842As a runner, people often ask me what my favorite part of running is; andĀ in typical LouiseĀ fashion, I answer bluntly… “my favorite part of running is stopping.” Hence, I love reaching that finish line and celebrating with a good post-race party! This was the first year that finishers received medals for this race complete with bottle opener.Ā Fashion meets function. From the finish line, you head back to Blue Point Brewery where warm tents had food, music, raffles, and of course, plenty of beer. Besides the drinking and dancing, we are big fans of raffles so we put some money in to win a keg.Ā You know, gotta keep the party going! Well, my friend, Brittany won that keg! Party in Long Beach, date TBD šŸ˜‰


Workout Wednesday: Hump Day Hill

We get it- that wind chill and layering may not be for you, and since temperatures have dropped, I’m sure many of you have moved your runs indoors. Whether you are training for a race this spring or simply running for your health, adding hills into your routine is a must. This week’s workout takes you up a juicy hill with some time to recover. Do as many repeats as you’d like!


Check out one of our older posts with some tips to perfect your form on the treadmill when cruising up that hill. If you enjoy today’s workout, you will love our “Hardy Hills” routine! You can find all of that here!

Happy Running!

Exciting Announcements to Kick Off 2017!

One of my big goals for 2017 was to continue to build relationships and support local companies. I am so excited to announce that I am now an affiliate for the chocolate company Eating Evolved! Eating Evolved prides themselves on making quality chocolate that is dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free, paleo, and vegan. They look at chocolate as food, not candy. I am excited to introduce this company to all of you and I hope you can find products that fit your lifestyle. When you order, be sure to use either my personalized link or affiliate code (pamelagtmt) and you will receive a free gift! For the month of January, you will get 2 extra bars for free in your package. Also be sure to let me know what you order and what your favorites are!

Click here! to check out their products!


The other thing I wanted to share with all of you is that over the weekend, POPSUGAR Fitness featured my fitness Instagram @tiupamcakes as one of their 30 Instagram accounts to follow in the New Year! I started the account as a way to connect with fitness friends locally on Long Island and it has turned into so much more. It’s now a way to hold myself accountability, share the highs and lows of my training journey, and to find inspiration from other accounts of badass bombshells. As a disclaimer: I only post workouts, selfies, and food.


What a way to start the year! I can’t wait to share more of the things Louise and I have planned over the next few months for Burpees & Bordeaux.

Xo, Pam


Journey to NYC 13.1- Week 1&2

Another week of training is complete so it’s time for a check in! As I admitted late last month, I haveĀ never successfully trained through the cold winter months. Let’sĀ be honest when it’s 20 degrees out with 20mph winds and you are sitting in your pjs on the sofa – it is way easier to skip the workout and hit continue on Netflix. But I made a commitment to myself that this would be the year that I stop making excuses, I stop standing in my own way, and I get outsideĀ of my comfort zone. My coach Jess and I have a game plan and we are underway!

Week 1 of training kicked off the day after Christmas. I was still home for the holidays so my first run of the training season was actually with my two best friends from high school. It was a slow casual run but it was awesome to catch up with girls that I only get to see once or twice a year. It really set the tone for the next 12 weeks while I chase down a strong run on the streets of NY.


Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: FlyWheel
Thursday: Strength Training
Friday: Pick Up Run
Saturday:Ā Strength Training
Sunday: Rest Day- Happy New Year!!!!
Training Total:Ā 11.5 miles. 3 runs * 1 spin class * 2 strength training

Week 2 kicked off with some less than desirable weather. It was cold and rainy but I knew that I needed to get in my runs. I had to make up for the long run that I missed on Saturday so that started off the week. My favorite thing about running in the ran is then I get to wear my “Let’s Party” hat – it automatically increases the fun factor. I had one more run scheduled for the weekend but it wasn’t really safe to run on the streets by the ski house that I was staying at. I instead opted for a HIIT workout with my TRX trainer.

Monday:Ā Long Run (from week 1)
Tuesday:Ā Easy Run + FlyBarre
Wednesday:Ā Pick Up Run
Thursday:Ā Strength Training
Friday:Ā Long Run
Saturday:Ā Strength Training
Sunday:Ā Rest Day
Training Total:Ā 24 miles. 4 runs * 3 strength training

One of my first checkins is coming up this weekend. Louise and I are running the Blue Point Run to the Brewery. I’m using it as a progression run to see where my fitness level is right now. The rest of the week consists of easy runs and some strength training as we continue through the first month of training.

Are any of you training for a spring race? Let me know below šŸ™‚

Xo, Pam

***I am running the NYC 1/2 for charity so I need your guys help to reach my fundraising goal. Please check out my page here Ā and help me spread the power of running to kids across NYC and the nation.***

Workout Wednesday: EMOM

This time of year things are busy and we don’t always have a lot of time for a workout. EMOM workouts are a great finisher to a ST routine or first thing in the morning when you are short on time! This workout is simple and easy to follow!
Set a timer for 10 minutes. Every minute on the minute complete the three exercises. Rest the remaining part of the minute. Repeat until the 10 minutes are up! You can modify the exercises as needed (i.e. Elevated push ups or step out Burpees). Have Fun!

Xo, Pam