Journey to NYC 13.1- Week 1&2

Another week of training is complete so it’s time for a check in! As I admitted late last month, I have never successfully trained through the cold winter months. Let’s be honest when it’s 20 degrees out with 20mph winds and you are sitting in your pjs on the sofa – it is way easier to skip the workout and hit continue on Netflix. But I made a commitment to myself that this would be the year that I stop making excuses, I stop standing in my own way, and I get outside of my comfort zone. My coach Jess and I have a game plan and we are underway!

Week 1 of training kicked off the day after Christmas. I was still home for the holidays so my first run of the training season was actually with my two best friends from high school. It was a slow casual run but it was awesome to catch up with girls that I only get to see once or twice a year. It really set the tone for the next 12 weeks while I chase down a strong run on the streets of NY.


Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: FlyWheel
Thursday: Strength Training
Friday: Pick Up Run
Saturday: Strength Training
Sunday: Rest Day- Happy New Year!!!!
Training Total: 11.5 miles. 3 runs * 1 spin class * 2 strength training

Week 2 kicked off with some less than desirable weather. It was cold and rainy but I knew that I needed to get in my runs. I had to make up for the long run that I missed on Saturday so that started off the week. My favorite thing about running in the ran is then I get to wear my “Let’s Party” hat – it automatically increases the fun factor. I had one more run scheduled for the weekend but it wasn’t really safe to run on the streets by the ski house that I was staying at. I instead opted for a HIIT workout with my TRX trainer.

Monday: Long Run (from week 1)
Tuesday: Easy Run + FlyBarre
Wednesday: Pick Up Run
Thursday: Strength Training
Friday: Long Run
Saturday: Strength Training
Sunday: Rest Day
Training Total: 24 miles. 4 runs * 3 strength training

One of my first checkins is coming up this weekend. Louise and I are running the Blue Point Run to the Brewery. I’m using it as a progression run to see where my fitness level is right now. The rest of the week consists of easy runs and some strength training as we continue through the first month of training.

Are any of you training for a spring race? Let me know below 🙂

Xo, Pam

***I am running the NYC 1/2 for charity so I need your guys help to reach my fundraising goal. Please check out my page here  and help me spread the power of running to kids across NYC and the nation.***

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