Finding My Strength: Utah Edition

IMG_5526I am not one to create resolutions. While I have my personal goals, I very rarely share them with others… in fact, part of this post has been written since January and I was nervous to share it. Heading into this year, I wanted to be strong- both physically and mentally. It’s a very vague goal and I wasn’t sure how that would be measurable or if it was attainable. But even in 3 months, I have changed and so my goals have already evolved, too. 

I’ve been calling 2017 “The Year of the Marathon” like the Chinese New Year celebrating the Year of the Rooster. Last fall, I did something crazy like putting my name in a race lottery. I never get picked in the lottery for races- in fact I have a 0% success rate for the NYC Half Marathon. Ironically, I actually got picked for the Chicago Marathon. Maybe I complained when I got in or called it a stupid idea or tried to convince myself it wasn’t actually happening. But I’m going to tell you a secret… I want to run this. I want to prove to myself that I can be strong. I want to do something I never thought I would do. Something totally crazy and out of my comfort zone. I have to do it for the hardware.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend had gone on a sweet snowboarding trip out west and while he was away, I decided I wanted to do that, too. Last week, I went on an amazing trip to Utah. Something completely out of my comfort zone- riding down these huge mountains that are unfamiliar to me. I was back and forth between excited and nervous. One week before my trip I thought I wasn’t going to go- I had a few tough runs at a new mountain and wondered how can I try and do this in Utah? Doubting myself again, I went out for another day of snowboarding and was feeling better on the mountain. Five days later, I got on that airplane.


Four days, four mountains, and I don’t even know how many runs I did… definitely a lot! Unsure at first, but by the fourth day I was shredding. Literally. I conquered my fear of riding alone and getting lost, rode west coast black diamonds, wove through trees and dove into powder. I conquered my self doubt. I learned to be brave and ended up feeling strong because of my successes.

This strong, independent spirit has traveled back with me and I’ve carried it right into my half marathon training. What did I learn? Maybe I am stronger than I think. Maybe I shouldn’t say “I can’t” until I give try. Maybe I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone again. The thought of running Chicago terrifies me, but it’s also still over 6 months away and there are hundreds of miles to run until then. Starting with the Brooklyn Half, I’m training to be strong as I head into a summer full of long, sweaty miles. I’m excited for you all to join me on the journey to running my first marathon!

❤ Louise

Workout Wednesday: Spring Fever 

Ahhh March is winding down and you can begin to sense spring is in the air. I’m craving the warmer weather and more outside activities!

While we wait for the cold and windy week to march (😉)  it’s way out the door – here is a quick workout that is going to warm you up in no time!

All you need is to set a timer for 12 minutes and get ready to work. AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible so you give everything you’ve got for 12 minutes!

400m run: You can do the run on a track or a treadmill! It should be a high workload – this should not be a conversational pace!

20 KB swings: Remember that a KB swing is a hip hinge movement – not a squat! Keep your core engaged and fire those glutes. If you are unable to swing – dobodyweight  squats!

10 Push-ups: Either from your toes or from your knees – just focus on keeping your shoulders down and your core tight.

5 Burpees: Any style – make us proud 🙂

Let us know how many rounds you get! And be sure to retest again in a few weeks.

Xo, Pam

Workout Wednesday: Battle Rope Bananza 

My classic battle rope routine is back!

This 20-30 minute workout is a fat burning routine that is sure to leave you sweaty! 


Do each battle rope exercise for 1 minute followed by the body weight exercise for 1 minute. Move thru all 5 sets. Repeat for a total of 2-3 rounds. 

*If 1 minute is too long – start with 30 seconds and work your way up!

Happy Workout Wednesday 🙂

Xo, Pam

Workout Wednesday: March lululemon Bootcamp

Last weekend, we taught an in-store class at lululemon Roosevelt Field 🙂 This total body workout got our hearts pumping, glutes firing, and triceps burning. What are we training for? Life. In case you missed it or want to do it again, here you go!IMG_5318

There are two exercises in every round followed by 30 seconds of rest. Perform both exercises for 30 seconds each then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat each round 3 times before moving on to the next round. Get your timers ready…

Round 1
Squats (Pulse down for 3 counts, up for 1 count)
Pencil Jacks

Round 2
Diamond Push-ups (modify from the knees if needed)
Mountain Climbers

Round 3
Lateral Lunge stepping to Single Leg balance
Burpees with a lateral hop

Round 4
Side Plank (from the knee to modify)
Hi-Low Plank

Round 5
Reverse Lunge with Front Kick
Squat Thrusts

Round 6
Tricep Dips
Single Leg Bridges

We can’t wait for you to join us at our next workout!! Save the date for Saturday, April 29! We will be celebrating Burpees & Bordeaux’s 1st Anniversary ❤

Xo, Pam & Louise

My Hot Yoga Essentials 

I never really understood yoga. I took two classes during my internship in undergrad and watched the clock the entire time. I chalked it up to just not being for me. Fast forward 10 years and I began to dabble again in 2016 but I did it because I figured it was good for me but truly I still didn’t connect. Two months ago I took a gamble and I went to a Y7 class and I fell in love. The elevated temperature, the candle lit studio, and music I could actually feel in my soul – it all clicked for me. It no longer became something I had to do – but something I wanted to do. I could finally disconnect from the outside world and focus on me. Since then I have found a second studio, Sweat Yoga, that I get my sweat and flow on (PS they are going to start doing live DJ classes!)
With the new territory comes a new challenge – the post class recovery. And I’m not talking about my muscles – but my entire being. Ideally – I’ll have a spare set of clothes and I can grab a shower before I head out but that’s not always an option. So with a new part of my fitness journey comes a new bag packed with some sweaty essentials. I’ve tested and tried many – and these are my winners.
Pam’s Yoga Bag Necessities

lululemon 3mm Yoga Mat: At first, I rented a mat from the studio. Then, I began to be distracted by thinking about how many sweaty bodies has been on that mat – I mean it is hot yoga! I then purchased a mat but it was too heavy for commuting so I turned to my friends at lulu and they knew just what I needed. The 3mm is light enough to travel, thick enough I don’t feel the hard wood below, grippy enough I don’t slide, and as a bonus – it’s my favorite color. If you aren’t traveling the 5mm is probably a better option but for commuters like me – grab the 3mm.

lululemon Yoga Bag: With every mat comes a means of transporting it. Since I take the LIRR and the subways I knew I wanted a bag versus a strap. This bag is perfect because it fits on my back with my tote bag, has several pockets (including separate ones for essentials and one for your sweaty post yoga clothes), and is holding up with the heavy commute.

Yuni Shower Sheets: These babies have been life changing. I first started using these on my lunch time runs and they were perfect for a quick clean up before heading back to work. The large size is perfect so you truly can wipe own your whole body and they come individually packaged! The one down side is the scent is not my favorite – but it doesn’t linger around so I quickly got over it. Best part is you can get them from Sephora!

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes: One of my favorite Target finds – these gems are great for before or after class when you need to freshen up your underarms! These come in a resealable pouch and I keep a pack in my bag and at my desk at work!

Dry Bar Triple Sec/Detox: As you guys know – this product is my life. If I’m just going home – I tie my hair up into a top knot. If I need to go anywhere else you NEED this dry shampoo (detox is their dry shampoo- triple sec is there 3 in 1 spray that’s also amazing). I keep a full sized bottle at home and at my desk and a travel size in my gym bags.

S’well Bottle: Reusable water bottles had a great year in 2016 and I think Swell was the fan favorite. It’s a great size to keep you hydrated and the insulation keeps your water cold even if the temperature in the room climbs. And you feel like you are saving the environment too!

lululemon wide headband: One of my biggest annoyances is when I have hair falling into my mouth while I’m trying to get my downward dog on but I also didn’t want a headband that would leave any creases. This headband is several years but sometimes a class is all you need.

What essentials do you pack in your gym bag? Do you have any favorites?

Xo, Pam

Running Stores on Long Island

What’s the most important piece of gear for a runner? Shoes! Of course, running shorts, Body Glide, and GPS watches are great to have, but a good pair of running shoes literally supports your body for thousands of steps during each run. My friends and clients frequently ask where they can get a good pair of shoes. The critical element is that you purchase the right pair of shoes for you and your feet.image1-2

Locally, there are a handful of stores on Long Island that specialize in helping you find both running shoes and gear for your active adventures. When finding new shoes, I strongly suggest a simple gait analysis by an in-store professional; they know the difference between under and over-pronation, what shoes are good if you have a heel strike, and which shoes would be good for trail running.

These are some local stores on Long Island that I recommend for my friends!

Runner’s Edge- Farmingdale

Sayville & Smithtown Running Company

Super Runner’s Shop- Huntington

2nd Wind Running Shoes- Setauket-East Setauket

NYC also has many running stores if you live closer to the city! Check out Brooklyn Running Company, JackRabbit Running, ASICS Store, and Super Runner’s Shop also has NYC locations!

Happy Running!


Studio Review: Title Boxing Syosset

Boxing studios seem to be popping up everywhere and I have been wanting to get in on it! Trying a new class is always more fun with friends, so I gathered a couple girlfriends and we trekked up to Syosset to try Title Boxing. If you’ve ever been to Bounce – it’s in the same industrial park! I have only been to the Syosset location but they are a chain so there may be one near you!

Upon arrival – we fill out some forms and we get a breakdown of the format of class. We also purchased a pair hand wraps for $10 to help protect our hands and I’m glad we did! You do get to keep them so it was a cheap but worthy investment. I recommend that you arrive to class a little early if you don’t know how to wrap your hands. There were several of us that were new so there was a bit of a line. I also recommend you bring a towel – it’s a sweaty workout and I wished I had one. 

The class is set up with heavy bags lined up in a square and you can grab whichever one you like. Our instructor Adam was in the middle so i tried to find a sight line right away since I had zero idea what I was doing. We started with a 10 minute warm up of various dynamic movements and it definitely got us warm! The boxing portion is set up into 8 – 3 minute rounds with an active rest between each. During the active rest I spent a lot of time trying to take off my glove – unscrew my water bottle- put the lid back on – put glove back on. Learn from my mistake – bring a bottle you can drink out of a straw or can pop open! The rounds of boxing got progressively more advanced and Adam plus two others were walking around to help correct and cue. I was a very grounded boxer (aka not a good one) so I think as I learn the moves better – I will become lighter on my feet. After the boxing round is a series of core exercises involving planks, side planks, and crunches. Some of the core moves were a little advanced so don’t hesitate to modify if you need to!

Overall I loved the class. I thought it was a great workout and it was fun to get out of my usual routine. The facility was clean and easy to get to and the staff was very helpful. You also get your first class free so head over to their website and give it a try! 

The 3 biggest tips I would offer:

1) Bring your own gloves and wraps. I didn’t think about this ahead of time – but used boxing gloves are kind of like putting rented bowling shoes on your hands. They smell a little funny and you don’t want to think about what’s inside. It seems like most gyms offer wrap purchases but make sure you pick up some gloves. 

2) Bring a pop top/straw water bottle and towel. You don’t want to waste time trying to get your gloves off to then get your lid off. Make it easy for yourself! And definitely bring a towel. 

3) Pace yourself. Don’t go all ham on the bag the first five minutes of class – your upper body will not last. Work hard, dig deep, but pace yourself so you don’t finish class passed out in the floor.

Have any of you tried boxing? What studios do you like!? 

Xo, Pam