Studio Review: Title Boxing Syosset

Boxing studios seem to be popping up everywhere and I have been wanting to get in on it! Trying a new class is always more fun with friends, so I gathered a couple girlfriends and we trekked up to Syosset to try Title Boxing. If you’ve ever been to Bounce – it’s in the same industrial park! I have only been to the Syosset location but they are a chain so there may be one near you!

Upon arrival – we fill out some forms and we get a breakdown of the format of class. We also purchased a pair hand wraps for $10 to help protect our hands and I’m glad we did! You do get to keep them so it was a cheap but worthy investment. I recommend that you arrive to class a little early if you don’t know how to wrap your hands. There were several of us that were new so there was a bit of a line. I also recommend you bring a towel – it’s a sweaty workout and I wished I had one. 

The class is set up with heavy bags lined up in a square and you can grab whichever one you like. Our instructor Adam was in the middle so i tried to find a sight line right away since I had zero idea what I was doing. We started with a 10 minute warm up of various dynamic movements and it definitely got us warm! The boxing portion is set up into 8 – 3 minute rounds with an active rest between each. During the active rest I spent a lot of time trying to take off my glove – unscrew my water bottle- put the lid back on – put glove back on. Learn from my mistake – bring a bottle you can drink out of a straw or can pop open! The rounds of boxing got progressively more advanced and Adam plus two others were walking around to help correct and cue. I was a very grounded boxer (aka not a good one) so I think as I learn the moves better – I will become lighter on my feet. After the boxing round is a series of core exercises involving planks, side planks, and crunches. Some of the core moves were a little advanced so don’t hesitate to modify if you need to!

Overall I loved the class. I thought it was a great workout and it was fun to get out of my usual routine. The facility was clean and easy to get to and the staff was very helpful. You also get your first class free so head over to their website and give it a try! 

The 3 biggest tips I would offer:

1) Bring your own gloves and wraps. I didn’t think about this ahead of time – but used boxing gloves are kind of like putting rented bowling shoes on your hands. They smell a little funny and you don’t want to think about what’s inside. It seems like most gyms offer wrap purchases but make sure you pick up some gloves. 

2) Bring a pop top/straw water bottle and towel. You don’t want to waste time trying to get your gloves off to then get your lid off. Make it easy for yourself! And definitely bring a towel. 

3) Pace yourself. Don’t go all ham on the bag the first five minutes of class – your upper body will not last. Work hard, dig deep, but pace yourself so you don’t finish class passed out in the floor.

Have any of you tried boxing? What studios do you like!? 

Xo, Pam

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