Workout Wednesday: Spring Fever 

Ahhh March is winding down and you can begin to sense spring is in the air. I’m craving the warmer weather and more outside activities!

While we wait for the cold and windy week to march (😉)  it’s way out the door – here is a quick workout that is going to warm you up in no time!

All you need is to set a timer for 12 minutes and get ready to work. AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible so you give everything you’ve got for 12 minutes!

400m run: You can do the run on a track or a treadmill! It should be a high workload – this should not be a conversational pace!

20 KB swings: Remember that a KB swing is a hip hinge movement – not a squat! Keep your core engaged and fire those glutes. If you are unable to swing – dobodyweight  squats!

10 Push-ups: Either from your toes or from your knees – just focus on keeping your shoulders down and your core tight.

5 Burpees: Any style – make us proud 🙂

Let us know how many rounds you get! And be sure to retest again in a few weeks.

Xo, Pam

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