Backyard Battlerope Workout

What’s our favorite summertime workout? Take your home gym equipment and bring it outside! To be honest, we sometimes love to make it up as we go… and ta da! This lovely battle ropes circuit came to be. If you don’t have ropes at home- just take your workout to the gym 👍
Step 1: Grab your friends!

Step 2: Set a timer for 30 seconds, perform each exercise for 30 seconds and do 2 rounds before moving onto the next!

Equipment: Battle ropes, kettlebell, jump rope, slider, pull-up bar (band if needed)

Round 1: Battle Ropes (BR) Double Wave, Kettlebell Lateral Lunge + Press, Banded Pull-Ups

Round 2: BR Alternating Wave, KB Swing, Banded Lat Pulldowns

Round 3: BR Snakes (in & out), Monster Walks w/ band, Push Ups

Round 4: BR Russian Twist, Slider Reverse Lunges, KB Bent Over Row

Round 5: BR Plank (1 arm slams), Jump Rope, Squat + KB High Pull

Round 6: BR Jumping Jacks, Skater Hops,  Chin Up Holds

Share with us when you crush your workout!! Wanna sweat with us? Join us on Saturday, July 15 at lululemon RF ❤️

Xo, Louise & Pam 

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