The Beauty of Marathon Training

Let me start by talking about what marathon training is. It takes a lot of guts; not only to sign up for maybe your first race but to dedicate months to training. It is quite literally blood, sweat, and tears (more on this later). It is waking up at 5:30am on a summer Saturday so you don’t melt while running. It is strength, courage, and telling yourself that yes, you can!

But let’s be honest, I’m here to tell you what it is not. In the first 8 weeks of my training, I have learned more than all my weeks of training for halves, 15k’s, and any shorter distances. Marathon training is not pretty. Don’t be fooled by the Instagram pictures of Garmin watches with perfect splits, the cute running shorts, and that post-run glow.

The internet is full of articles about running and what you’ll experience training for your first marathon. I laughed at them and thought, “Okay, maybe I can relate to like 2 of these. That will never happen to me!” Lies

The Beauty of Marathon Training:

1. Chafing and in the most random places, too! The whole running in shorts thing used to be a nightmare before I started using Body Glide 😍 Yet, I still find myself wincing in pain when I step in the shower. New rule? Body Glide everything.

2. Overtraining which left me sidelined for almost 2 weeks. Ramping up my weekly mileage and coming out of the gates too hot. It hurt to run and I had to let my body rest. I sent myself to PT and reset my plan only a few weeks into training. Huge shoutout to my PT/ friend Kristan for fixing me/ not letting me run even when I wanted to but shouldn’t be.

3. Blisters developing where they have never been before. I run in the same shoes with the same socks every time. Whyyyy are my toes mad? What do I do with these angry blisters?

4. Falling while running! I’ve heard stories of people tripping or falling in a race, but I’ve never seen it or done it. Until today. I was literally at Mile 10, stumbled on who-knows-what (that rock? My own foot? The flat road?), and as I hit the ground my first thought was “shit!” My second was I need to pause my Garmin. 

What are your running confessions? Ever fall while racing? We wanna hear your stories! 

❤️ Louise

One thought on “The Beauty of Marathon Training

  1. Kim says:

    Oh Louise! You are amazing. Training is…hard to describe and you nailed it on so many fronts. I have fallen plenty. In fact one time, a nice bystander said “are you hurt?” to which I said “just my dignity” as I raced towards the nearby Burger King to wash my blood and tears. I’ve also gone to the bathroom in inappropriate places, but I’ll leave those details for another post. Hang in there gorgeous! And thanks for letting us all be part of your training journey!


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