lululemon x B&B Run Club

Back in June when I launched Run Club with my friend Michele – I wasn’t sure if anyone would show up! Here we are in our 3rd month and I’ve met so many new faces and reconnected with some old!

It’s been  so special to have someone to share my runs with – as well as holding me accountable to get my butt out the door on a night that’s 97* and I don’t want to run!

Here are our locations for August! Share the word with your friends! We can’t wait to see all of you and we have some fun treats for you as well! 

8/3 Long Beach 630pm

8/10 Norman J Levy 630pm

8/17 Hendrickson Park 630pm

8/24 Long Beach 630pm

8/31 Eisenhower Park 630pm

Times are subject to change as some of the locations have closing times at dusk. As we head into the fall months – Long Beach will likely become more common because the boardwalk is well lit and never closes. Any questions just let us know!

Happy Running!

Xo, Pam

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