What is my all time favorite exercise?

I was recently asked by a writer what my all time favorite exercise was – and it made me really think! Five different exercises immediately popped into my head. Was it a burpee (hello – we are B&B)? I really do love a good lateral lunge. I make all of my clients plank- maybe that’s it? What about a eccentric pull-up – hello sexy back! But then I knew the answer – a single leg RDL! It is probably one of the best all around exercises and it’s essential for what I love most running. Read below to find out why and click the link to see what other exercises the fitness professionals chose!
““My all-time favorite exercise is the single-leg RDL. It is a whole-body, functional exercise that has an appropriate progression for everyone. When incorporated correctly, it increases strength, balance, stability, coordination and posture. Most importantly, it builds posterior chain strength which translates to increased speed, power and running mechanics.”

– Pamela Geisel, a performance specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City

Instructions: Stand tall on one foot with a slight bend in your knee and the opposite leg held just off of the floor. Hold a weight (dumbbells, kettlebells) in each hand against the front of your thighs. While keeping your glutes, core and back tight and your neck in line with back, push your hips back behind you to lower your torso toward the floor and the weights straight down, keeping them as close to your planted leg as possible. When your torso is parallel to the floor and your raised leg is extended straight behind you, pause, then drive through your planted heel to return to start. Repeat on the opposite side.”
Original Article Here!

Xo, Pam 

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