Hiking LI: Cold Spring Harbor

Early Monday morning while everyone heads to work, I head to a mysterious land known as “The North Shore” in search of some hills. The ever-consistent terrain of the south shore had me begging for a new challenge!

Nestled off of Northern Blvd, you can find Cold Spring Harbor State Park and a 1.4 mile hiking trail (2.8 miles when you travel out and back). Parking was easy early on a Monday morning. However on a beautiful fall Saturday, this place definitely fills up! The lot was full when I finished my hike around 10:15am.

The trail is well marked and full of challenging climbs and skillful descents. Early in the morning, I loved the light peeking through the trees and the scurry of squirrels and chipmunks as I neared them. I know nothing about a birds, but this is known to be a great place to do some birdwatching! Starting from the parking lot, you head straight up a solid climb; the trail is mostly up or down with very few flat stretches.

You can stray off the main Greenbelt Trail onto some of the smaller, side trails. Be aware that the terrain may get a little more challenging. From certain points you get a great view of the water and Connecticut in the distance.

Like my Captain America socks? 😜

Definitely heading back for a weekday hike again! Maybe when it is cooler out because I was a sweaty mess. Who else has adventured in CSH? Do my North Shore friends have any other recommendations?? Send me on another hike!

❤ Louise

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