Holiday Party Survival Guide

Just like that Thanksgiving has passed and the holiday season is in full swing! It seems like every week there is a party to attend. Friends are getting together for drinks, the office holiday party is on Saturday, and everyone’s gathering for dinner with their relatives from Ohio. While it may feel challenging to stay healthy, you can stay on top of your goals straight through the New Year. Just make sure to create a game plan you can actually follow while still enjoying yourself. Try incorporating our tips to survive all your holiday parties this season!

1. Eat Before You Go

Have a healthy snack or meal before you go to the party. This will help you avoid binging. If you’re full, you’ll be less likely to pick at snacks or overindulge at dinner.

2. Plate Your Food

When choosing appetizers, have a plate in hand and set a limit. If you can see what is on your plate, you know how much you’ve had and it helps prevent mindless munching. By sticking to one plate, you can exercise portion control.

3. Stay an Arm’s Length Away

While you’re mingling with friends and relatives, have your conversation away from the snacks. Mindless eating happens when you’re lost in conversation, but the chips and dip are right in front of you.

4. Don’t Drink Your Calories

For some people, holiday parties are accompanied by festive drinks. Hello, spiked eggnog! But drinks mixed with soda add empty calories and are high in sugar. Many beers have 100 or more calories per 12 oz.  Be aware of how much wine you pour, it’s easy to double your portion in a wine glass. Stay hydrated and save some calories by having a glass of water in between drinks.

5. Keep Your Routine

Just because you have a party to attend that night, doesn’t mean you should skip the gym in the morning. If you’re anticipating a big, holiday dinner, make sure you still have a healthy breakfast and lunch- you don’t want to be starving by dinner time.

6. Dinner > Dessert

When there is a lot to choose from, start by filling half of your plate with vegetables or fruit. Next, pick your protein: chicken, fish, turkey, etc. When dessert rolls around, choose just one delectable treat for yourself; it is the holiday season after all!

Happy Holidays!

❤ Louise

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