When Running Gets Taken Away

Running is my outlet- it has been my stress relief for years. My time to myself to think- or not- and get those endorphins flowing. It’s been especially important in recent months while dealing with family drama and moving apartments. Yet I have a love/hate relationship with running. Sometimes in the moment it is great and everything feels good; other times I️ feel like death. Twice this year running has been taken away from me. In the first month of marathon training, I ran myself into the ground to a point of injury. I️ had to learn to rest, know my limitations, and work my way back up to it.

Thanksgiving morning, I ran the Garden City Turkey Trot. This is one of my favorite local races- 5 miles through the streets I ran so frequently while in grad school. This year was not my fastest, but that’s fine by me because I had fun. Every year I’ve been able to run with family, friends, or both! It really is one of my favorite parts about Turkey Day! This year I️ ended up with a different memory. Thanksgiving night I was in a bad car accident where the airbags went off. I went to the ER where they determined I have a possible buckle fracture in my sternum. It hurt to breathe deeply, laugh, or even cry. The rest of me is fine, my car not so much. But please don’t throw me a pity party- I’m doing much better now. 

Unfortunately, I am not able to run again. In fact, I can’t lift anything. Sometimes I move the wrong way and end up with sharp pain- and I so badly want to run, jump, lift, and snowboard. But I’ve learned patience and I know my body will heal itself. I’ve learned not to be afraid to ask for help while I let myself recover. Until then, I will enjoy my low impact cardio and physical therapy exercises 👍

❤ Louise

5 thoughts on “When Running Gets Taken Away

  1. Kelly says:

    My heart breaks for you. I hope you find another outlet while you recover from your injuries. Your positive attitude is truly inspiring.


  2. Michael Paul Cirone says:

    My Divine Miss Louise ~

    I am heartbroken to read this post! Super relieved that you’re up and about, but shaken by your injury. I totally relate to this: “Yet I have a love/hate relationship with running. Sometimes in the moment it is great and everything feels good; other times I️ feel like death.”

    Wow, this is me *exactly*. Running is such a powerful emotional need that it can be a bit consuming — scheduling your week around your running sessions. That’s just not healthy.

    Regarding your diagnosis of a sternum fracture, I’ve had two erroneous/melodramatic/hair on fire diagnoses: (1) degenerative disk disease – March 1993, and (2) ventricular tachycardia – December 2006. I’m still here and working out as best I can. Once your sternum heals the only question will be, “do you really want to get back into hardcore running, or just back off and do lighter runs that you don’t dread?”

    I hope you have a lovely Holiday Season and please give my love to your mom.

    Stay Divine ~



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