On the 4th Day of #Fitmas, B&B Gave to Me…

Every day for the next 12 days, we will be giving you a challenge! It’s our 12 Days of Fitmas! Whether it’s a workout or community challenge, be sure to share with us when you’ve completed it using #BandBHolidayChallenge 😊 Everyone has been doing amazing so far! We see you guys out there hustling between work and workouts and holiday shopping and parties πŸ’ͺ

Remember we have a BIG prize to give away for those that complete the challenges! So be sure to tag us on Instagram.

Today’s workout is our Festive Floor Routine πŸŽ„These 5 moves will work your core from all angles without ever getting up! All you need is a mat.

➑️ Perform 15 reps of each exercise (right and left counts as one!) and do 3 rounds!

Here are your moves for today’s workout:

1. Spaghetti & Meatballs– lay on your back with arms and legs stretched straight out. Pull your belly button in tight to engage your abs then bring yourself up into a ball holding your knees to your chest. Slowly release back into the “spaghetti position” without touching your feet to the ground.

2. Mountain Climbers– begin in a high plank position with shoulders over hands. Drive one knee up towards your chest then hop back into plank as the other knee drives forward. That’s one rep!

3. Side Plank Dips– lay on your side with elbow on the ground and shoulder over your elbow. Keep your hips stacked and bring your top foot in front of the bottom. Press into our elbow and feet to lift your hips straight up (keep that belly button pulled in) then lower to the ground. Repeat on the same side then switch to the other. Modify by bending the bottom leg and lifting from knee and elbow.

4. Heel Taps– lay on your back with knees bent, engage your abdominal muscles then lift your feet up while keeping those knees bent. Abs tight, hinge at the hips to lower your feet back down without letting your lower back arch up.

5. Bridge Marches– Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat. Press your heels down into the floor, squeeze your glutes, and lift your hips. Keeping your glutes engaged and hips up, lift one foot up then lower it back down and lift the other side. Maintain that bridge position and complete your reps!

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Xo, Louise & Pam

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